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  • Mama Reader - How to live a more intentional life

    This book identifies ten key areas to explore if you feel that you are stretched too thin in your daily life or there's not enough of you to go around. Each area gets a dedicated chapter, some personal stories from Hybels' life and experience and ends with some action steps to help you further explore the ideas presented in the chapter and possible ways you can apply them to your life.

  • Square kNot - The cooling/burning sensation is so over whelming (not in a bad way) that I don't even feel any pain I ...

    Thank you for reading my review for Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief 250g from Baebody. I received the item in a timely manner. The active ingredients in a tube of Bengay Ultra are Methyl Salicylate 30%, Menthol 10% and Camphor 4% (the Methyl Salicylate is wintergreen oil but industrially produced rather than extracted from wintergreen plants). Icy Hot is very similar. It has the first two ingredients in almost the same percentage but no camphor. These are the ingredients that give you that intense feeling of alternately hot and cold, and the pungent minty odor that hangs around you for hours. This stuff blows Icy Hot away. I apply this to my back and to my neck when I get my allergy headaches. The cooling/burning sensation is so over whelming (not in a bad way) that I don't even feel any pain I was experiencing before putting this on. It lasts for about 30 minutes depending how much you use.

  • Lori Beeler - Really Works!

    I use it with V8 Juice and it's lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol and I have more energy. Beats medications!

  • Amazon Customer - Knock off disguised as original

    It arrived in a bottle with a crack. It had leaked a bit so I put it in my old bottle. When I squeezed it a little to help it along many cracks appeared in the bottle it had arrived in. Then when I used the product it had a harsh chemical scent. My hair got dirty a full day faster than usual. I have decided that a knock off Paull Mitchel Awapuhi Shampoo had been placed in an old bottle to appear as though original. I had to stop using it because I am sensitive to chemical scents.