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  • ModernVampire - ... now years later I buy it every year- I love it!

    I bought this calendar the first year of college and now years later I buy it every year- I love it!

  • Amanda - Best Score Yet on GRE

    When I started this course, I had already taken the GRE twice. I took the old, unrevised test once, and the new revised test when it was in its "guinea pig" stage. I only did this because it was half off and I was trying to get into grad school two years ago. There wasn't really a great prep book for the revised test then, so I was stuck using the old prep software and books. Let's just say this book helped me immensely in comparison to all other books.

  • Lurino - Could be a great start to an epic series

    There are two main problem in this book: one is that the pace is rather inconsistent; it feels fast some of the time, and rushed in other times. The second problem is that the characters could use some more fleshing out. They're not one dimensional at this stage, but they still lack depth and complexity. The story is too gory to be young adult, but it lacks the character and depth of an epic. Here's hoping the author would add more depth and complexity in the sequels

  • Amazon Customer - Fairly certain that the product I purchased is fake due ...

    Fairly certain that the product I purchased is fake due to the strong alcohol smell. It still feels silky and silicony, but I've been purchasing from salons since this experience to make sure I get the authentic product. There seems to be a lot of Chinese biosilk floating around online.

  • Jackie D. - DON'T USE IF YOU HAVE HAD RECENT LEG SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAD A LEG SURGERY. My brother recently bought this because he broke his ankle and needed to have surgery, he let his ankle heal a bit and when he went back to work, where a majority of his time is spend on his feet, he began to use the iWALK. Within the first week his leg and ankle began to swell since he was not receiving proper blood flow through his leg, the day after he stopped using it, his leg swelling went down, but he began having sharp pains in his heart and was short of breath. He was admitted into the hospital for multiple blood clots throughout his lungs and body. He's only 25!!!!! Please be careful when planning on using this, and if you had a surgery or are planning on using it for long periods of time, just use crutches!!