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  • About | Acuchoice's Blog - With the growing interest in health and well being and in alternative medicine our blog is here to inform and provide education on topics that cover wellness and health.  Anne Chew Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Colorado. Licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of New Mexico Diplomat in Acupuncture…
  • The Truth About Calcium and Your Bones | Acuchoice's Blog - Osteoporosis and Osteopenia are wide-spread in the boomer population.  The Western Medicine approach is to take a LOT of calcium and maybe take some vitamin D to help with absorption.  Twenty years ago there was a western science study done taking 100 women with confirmed osteoporosis and supplementing them with calcium for one year.  It helped…
  • Preventing Breast Caner #2 | Acuchoice's Blog - Years ago I went to a seminar where Dr. Jeffery Bland and Dr. Joseph Pizzorno were presenting research that they were conducting on fats and their relationship to breast cancer. The research model was to use mice that had been bred to easily develop mammary cancer. At that time the thought was that all fats…
  • Preventing Breast Cancer with Iodine? | Acuchoice's Blog - While there are never guartentees when we talk about preventing disease there are many things that are known that will help you to stack the cards in your favor. In this article I am going to share with you one of the many specific things that are known about breast health. Iodine: The current recommended daily…
  • Depression and Acupuncture | Acuchoice's Blog - Depression is a nasty, silent condition that many people struggle with that sucks the joy out of life and can make every day a chore. Anti-depressants have been a help for many people .. especially for people who are suffering from what is called "situational depression". This might happen after a major loss of some…
  • Acupuncture and Infertility | Acuchoice's Blog - Infertility seems to rampant in this day and age and Western Medicine can offer some pretty amazing alternatives--for a hefty price. Oriental Medicine has a less heroic, but often effective ways of helping couples conceive --with a much smaller investment. The beauty of Oriental Medicine is that it is a theory of health. There is…
  • Beware of Levaquin | Acuchoice's Blog - I don't usually go around bad-mouthing drugs. But every good rule sometimes needs to be broken, especially it can help many people avoid a LOT of suffering. It has come to my attention that the drug Levaquin ( a very potent anti-biotic) has a black-box warning on it. This needs to be taken very seriously,…

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  • Kay Alcorn - Hate is a strong word

    I just found it a bit worthless. It is nothing more than a very expensive heating pad. The infomercial is all bunk like most of them are. I did find some positive write ups for it online but they were probably written by someone trying to sell it. I'm happy I'm able to return it.

  • Gumball - Traditional Doll

    Beautiful Christmas doll, well turned out and boxed. Quickly shipped and arrived in pristine condition. We have purchased these dolls yearly for our daughters for as long as I can remember, they love their collections.

  • Gail - This seems to be his favorite puzzle.

    I bought this puzzle for my three year old grandson and he loves it. This seems to be his favorite puzzle.

  • Richard - Tax Software

    Works as described and did not have any problems with it. I will use it again next year. Fairly easy to understand and use.

  • Leah - Jou buyer beware

    Intestinal Balance was still on the website and was available via even though it was pulled from the market due to several ingredients being banned or marginally dangerous. Steiner/TimeToSpa/Jou are all the same company, and did not offer a refund nor a substitute product.

  • Neil D. - Quick and easy installation, Durable Construction

    This bed cover was very quick and easy to install/adjust to fit perfectly over the bed of my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew. There is no hardware to install onto the vehicle, rather this cover attaches to the bed using adjustable latches that hook underneath the lip of the existing plastic side rail covers, offering a very tight and reliable fit. For my first trip using this cover, I drove from San Antonio, TX to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in very high wind and the cover flapped and flapped in the wind but never shifted or loosened up. I've taken several trips using this cover since then and have had no complaints.

  • Steve E. - Not oem

    This is not an oem remote so when I tried it and the dealership tried to program it neither one of us could get it programmed. So I returned it. I must say there were no issues with the return. I would more than likely shop with wwr again in the future.