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  • LibertyLuvnMama - It works...IF you work too!

    Supplement has been great for me! In the very first 5 days, I lost 4.5 lbs...but, keep in mind that I do walk about 25 miles per week, so definitely use in conjunction with diet and exercise. Three years ago I lost 35 lbs on Weight Watchers - the old points system. About 1.5 ago I stopped keeping track of my points and writing everything down...I've been able to keep within a 3-5lb range of my original weight loss and was looking for something to help me through a plateau period - this was perfect! I watched a Dr. Oz episode about this supplement and loved the fact that it's natural - he raved about it and so I thought I'd try it. It's now been about 5 weeks, and I've kept that initial 4.5 lbs off, with no additional loss; however, keep in mind that GC does work in not only fat loss, but helps to build muscle, so it's important to measure yourself too, in order to see if you are losing inches along with lbs. I started taking 1 pill 30 mins-1hr before each meal...about every 10 days, I up the dose by one pill, and am now up to the max of 3 pills before each meal. I would stick with that regimen because if you take too much right in the beginning, you will feel nauseous. Make sure to drink LOTS and LOTS of water with your doses, as that does help. Helps me the most from 2:00-5:00 pm when I usually tend to snack at my desk - great appetite curbing. I have to reiterate the importance of diet and exercise while using GC - this is not a miracle drug, but is definitely a very useful tool - that perfect edge to get you started or help you up and over that plateau!

  • P. Kinyon - Vamp Romance

    This is an interesting twist on the cliche vampire romance. "The Shade" provides an intriguing picture of life in a sanctuary for vampires because the Shade's vampires are the evil, blood-sucking monsters of legend rather than the sparkly vamps of Twilight and similar tales. Of course, vampires vary in their degree of depravity (pretty tough to make a case that any of them are good when they all survive by drinking human blood) and some of them are quite good looking, especially their prince, Derek.

  • Ray P. - Just like the previous customer

    Just like the previous customer, it came in a small box with no instruction and there was no way the parts would fit. I should have stuck with PUR. A big mistake to buy this product. Very disappointed.

  • Just the Truth - Try This Stuff!

    Benefits we've experienced here at our house: (1) Placing in ears regularly, it pulls out excess wax, naturally. Not sure how, but it does. Wax just seems to extract itself almost! (2) Those of us willing to drink a little twice each day, plus place in ears have not had one cold or flu yet this winter. Those in the household who don't follow the regimen, HAVE had the usual rounds of sniffles and fevers. (3) Using it as a moisturizer (i'm 47) my skin is amazing: diminished eye-area-wrinkles, silky, silky smooth skin. FAB on face, neck, and hands, as long as you keep the oil out of your eyes. (4) I place it on my scalp every night, and then wash hair in the morning. Again - super soft, soft shiny hair, and i'm 100% grey. Compliments from strangers all the time. Many of the same benefits as hemp seed oil, but even better results on the skin.

  • Quite Positive - Short lived bliss, long term misery

    For four days the Chromebook was everything I wanted. I took it out everyday. Never had a problem getting connected. Had no trouble using Microsofts's web based Word. I told myself I'd save better than $700 by not buying a Macbook Air. Then Friday at my favorite coffee shop, the screen dimmed. I noticed that the battery was close to 10%. I took it home to charge it completely. The next day I still had a too dark screen. My Chromebook is now on its way to Texas. I'm hoping I'll have better success when it returns. If so, I'll give it 5 stars. If not, I'll reduce it to 1 star and buy that Macbook.