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  • Michael Winn - It would be stingy to deny this cheery bit of ...

    It would be stingy to deny this cheery bit of fluff anything less than 5 stars. Age and sex positive albeit with a few more commemorative scenes than necessary. The story is sound but the script that could benefit from the touch of a d'Maupassant or Bukowski.

  • PJDour - NRS Pilot Knofe

    Recently bought the NRS pilot knife for a week long kayak camping trip. I like the secure attachment to my PFD, but the nicest feature was the quick and sure release. It's somewhat "spring loaded" using the clips that secure it to the sheath. The blunt/flat point ensures no accidental punctures, and the formed semi-circle cutter makes fast cutting of ropes a snap. The quick release mechanism also locks the knife back in with a snap - if it does not snap, it's not in. Again, something almost foolproof, which is nice if you are reacting to an issue on the water. Great overall blade. I also ordered the Gerber Rivermate at the same time, as I have beena Gerber fan fr 40+ years, but the NRS Pilot wins my vote as the knife to carry on the water.


    We bought these for my wife who has a really bad sprained ankle with resulting swollen toes and foot.

  • Mary - Hurts like hell, does nothing.

    For me, personally, this stuff is awful. I have PCOS and have to wax my face weekly, so I was looking for something to help soothe my poor abused skin, and also reduce some of the redness. Based on the ingredients listed it should work well, but maybe my skin is more sensitive than I realized - it burned, and it didn't help reduce any redness or bumps. If this works for you, awesome! But my skin is apparently a full-on princess and couldn't deal with this product.

  • a curious reader - almost perfect

    Such a terrific reference work! But with so many terrific random digits, it's a shame they didn't sort them, to make it easier to find the one you're looking for.


    I am thinking all the positive reviews were from one of those outfits that get paid to leave positive reviews for products. I purchased this to be an extender and it arrived today. About 50 feet from the wireless, 1 wall in-between, and it could not connect or maintain the connection. I guess that was a $99 lesson I learned, I just do not want you to have to pay for the education.

  • 2036 - MSA 30x sound amplifier

    My husband wanted me to order these for him. One side was of no help to him at all. The other side, even when turned to the lowest setting , was very disturbing to him. I was washing dishes and he said it sounded like I was throwing the dishes together.