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  • David Gobel - put this in my wavetrac limited slip differential

    No more wheel spin -yipeee! Wavetrac confirmed that it is approved for use in their differential bits, and the price was about half of the other approved lubricants. Smooth as silk and no gear whine from the diff.

  • Wally - Argh !

    I wrote a report on this book last semester . My roommate failed to tell me he had the Cliffs ! Can you believe that ? Thanks , Brad !

  • Chandra - great writing, lazy ending.

    This book isnwel done. Solid character development, great world building. Leaves me felling fresh and restored, like I just stepped out of the pages of the book. The ending was a bit abrupt. Mr. Bigbad just dies with no real challenge, and that just killed the climax of the story. Otherwise, the country's plight was well understood and I felt for the citizens and folks involved.

  • M&M - Please beware!

    First I want to say that I am a distributor for It Works and it is against company policy to sell it works products on EBay, Amazon and Craigslist. If you are getting your products on here beware as they could be expired, tampered with or a different product all together. Also by purchasing here, you are missing out on points and are spending way more than you should.

  • grammyB - I followed directions and let it dry about 36 hours and it looks great.

    This worked really well for re-caulking around the bathroom tub. I followed directions and let it dry about 36 hours and it looks great.