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  • L. Richardson - Eat well, lose fat. Lose fat FASTER with Zantrex-3

    If you're looking for a miracle pill or you want to keep eating poorly and think this will fix your fat problem, move along. While it's true that simply making a major, permanent improvement to your diet will help you lose fat, you WILL lose fat MUCH faster when you include these red pills.

  • R. Dee - worst software in the world!

    I think that roxio has been purchased by music industry scumbags, version 5 was great but now it just doesn't work and there is no customer support of any kind. Garbage stay away from this fraud.

  • Laura Macauley - Reaction on our Cat

    We purchased this flea collar about a month ago for our cat and our two labradoodles (large dog version). I noticed pretty quick the cat scratching a lot around her collar but she loves to go outside and so wears a normal collar and I figured she was getting used to the wearing of both collars at the same time. Today I noticed that she had a large patch of fur missing from under the collar and could see the start of an almost ring around her neck where the fur was missing. The skin where the fur was missing felt rough. We immediately took off the collar and after the reading these reviews I feel lucky that perhaps we caught it early. Both dogs don't appear to be having any reaction, they do not itch around the collar and don't have any behavior changes, but I will be keeping a very close eye on them both. It's very disappointing as I really thought this might be a longer term solution. I was skeptical on how well it would keep fleas away but I never imagined it would hurt my cat.

  • Shadow - worked like a charm, toenail jungus gone!

    I have been using this for months now, my toenail fungus (my big toe only) is almost all gone! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I didn't have to visit the doctor, take some crazy meds or have my toenail removed (yikes)!

  • Kathryn - BEWARE... May severely affect Blood Pressure!!!

    AT 53, I'm healthy and take no RX for blood pressure issues. Took first 6oz serving of Zeal. Began to feel very strange, but attributed it to allergy season in Texas and inner ear pressure. Took second 6oz serving the next morning. By 11AM, I thought I was going to pass out. Strange tingling in hands and arms, radiating throughout my body. Had a co-worker drive me to the doctor, very frightening! My blood pressure measured 162/94! I told my doctor I'd taken Zeal that morning about 6AM. We looked up the ingredients on my iPhone and she identified several highly potent stimulants that she felt could be the cause. She did an EKG, which was perfect. She checked my blood sugar, which was perfect. She checked for anemia, none. I've never had an experience like this with my blood pressure. This morning, my blood pressure is 117/74, normal for me. Please, please be very careful if you choose to take this product! As for me.... I'm done!

  • julien - Juste parfait!

    Ce tracker d'activité est juste formidable! Il n'a aucune autre fonctionnalité mais qu'est-ce qu'il le fait bien! Natation et course à pieds, c'est juste fou la précision... Je trouve le calcul de calories un peu optimiste mais voir les temps par longeur, le type de nage, les temps de cycle de bras. Petit plus : le programme de remise en forme en 7 minutes, push up et squats. Par contre, c'est quand la version française ?!? L'app est entièrement en anglais

  • Sacramento Shopper - Able to fit in my small car...

    I needed to fit three car seats in my Toyota Matrix. I had a four-year-old son when I unexpectedly found myself pregnant with twins. A new car was not in the budget, so I started my hunt for car seats that would work in my Matrix. I stumbled across the Clek line and after much debating over whether to get the Foonf or the Fllo, I settled on the Fllo due to it not impeding my line of vision when needing to see out of the back or rear windows. It does sit a tad bit lower than the Foonf enough that because I am short as it is already, I wanted every available inch of space available to see out of the windows for safety reasons. It does not recline, like the Foonf does and it does not have Rigid Latch. I thought I would be unhappy about those features, but in the end neither mattered. I couldn't use LATCH to install the seats because I got a better overall install using the seatbelt. I was able to puzzle two Fllo's next to a Harmony Defender successfully and keep my car! The one detail I dislike is that the cover is not removable. I understand the fabric has the ability to be a repellent agains liquids, but I like to throw my covers in the wash every now and then to get rid of crumbs and whatnot. Eh, for the price of being able to fit three across in my small car and have extended rear-facing, I guess it's a minor trade off I can live with.