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  • Michael Foelsch - HORRIBLE PRODUCT

    The moment I installed the STUBBY ANTENNA I noticed a STRIKING decrease in my ability to receive AM and FM channels that I NORMALLY had CLEAR reception of. I would NOT reccomend this product to ANYONE!!!!! If it was not for the pain in my ASS that it would take to return this item that was $20, I would DEMAND a full refund. Since it's not worth my time to go to the post office and return this item, I will leave it alone and NEVER order from this company again.!!!!!

  • Satoru Isaka - indispensable for mobile writers

    First of all, I really appreciate all the reviewers who shared their experience. Both positive and negative reviews provided great insights into an exciting new product with some unknowns. I received the 3G version of Samsung Chromebook 11.6" from Amazon a few days ago, and my experience so far has been very positive. I'll focus on less-discussed topics, i.e. Language inputs, Verizon 3G, Bluetooth, USB ports, and useful Apps for Chromebook.

  • Joseph A. Bradley - Very happy with my purchase!

    I am very happy with my purchase of this product. It came within a few days of when I placed the order and it only took a few minutes to install

  • SHARON442 - Just a warning -

    Might not be the same for everyone, but taking this caused cystic acne and complete changed the texture of my skin. I did not realize it was the biotin that was the culprit of my rash/acne until I stopped using it. I thought "must be hormones". But I'm 20. For me to go my whole life with clear skin and for it to all of a sudden come and cover my entire face/neck, was very odd. If you start to break out while using this. STOP TAKING THE BIOTIN. Your face will clear up. "Thicker hair and nails" aren't worth a face covered in painful cystic acne. I promise you that.

  • The Future of Medicine - The Future of Medicine

    As we approach the 3rd millenium, our thinking and management of the diseases of aging will be crucial to the vitality of our society---especially since we now take care of an ever-aging society. As a physician, I believe a hormonal basis of the decline in functioning is the key to understanding the process of aging, and GH-releasers or secretagogues are very poweful and safe nutrients in replenishing normal levels of gorwth hormone. They are scientifically proven to stimulate GH release and can be afforded by the average bear. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Future of the Medicine!