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  • Technology Nut - A tank of a timepiece

    The Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Officers Gent Watch (241357) is a well crafted clean looking watch. The rubber wrist band is comfortable and the buckle is a nice brushed finish and 2 "keeper" loops that hold the tongue in place. The brushed numerals on the watch face contrast nicely and are super easy to read quickly. Incredibly functional with clean design.

  • drkndbrn - and the customer service is not that bad. It gives me peace of mind that my ...

    I've used Kaspersky since I've bought my laptop in 2012. Have had no problems with it so far, and the customer service is not that bad. It gives me peace of mind that my computer is protected. Would recommend.

  • zedok - i can sleep at night again.

    62 year old male with shoulder joint pain that would wake me up while turning over in my sleep. This seemed to be getting worse over many months,as i could no longer reach behind me or raise my arms over my head. After researching several cures this one caught my eye and on the 2nd or 3rd night of 2 pills a day, no more pain at all. Two months later and i have cut back to one pill a day for the last week and no problems. NO side effects detected. I have also noticed its easier to get up out of my chair and i dont hear any snap crackle or pop in these creaky old bones. Also, i used to wear velcro knee braces occationally and was contemplating the need for knee replacements. Now instead,i contemplate going for a bike ride and dont ever wear the knee braces.

  • E. Slaikeu - Finally Say Goodbye to Ingrowns

    This is an awesome product that gets rid of and prevents ingrown hairs! I use this in sensitive shaving areas like my underarms or bikini area. A little bit goes a long way, if you buy the 8oz bottle like me it will last you for months and months. I've used this probably 15 times and barely any is gone from the bottle! It has a strong smell but it disappears quickly once you put it on your skin. I'm so glad to use this instead of other "serums" for ingrown hairs that say to apply multiple times a day. I apply this once after each shave and my skin is perfectly content. I have pretty dry skin, and this doesn't dry it out too much!

  • Jenny - Did not work for me, hadn't smoked in over ...

    Did not work for me, hadn't smoked in over a month however was a chronic smoker before that. Test came back diluted.