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  • Robert's Office Manager - Wished I had found it earlier!

    For our business we didn't need a fancy CAD program. We needed something that would do simple drawings of the areas (renovations) within buildings that we could include in our specs. I had tried Autodesk, Rhino, Draftsight, Light something, etc. I would have spent more time learning how to use it than it was worth in our situation. I had been doing very simple ones with my pdf program, can we say not very professional looking? I downloaded a trial version and was too busy to even try it so I asked for another week extension. Customer support gladly provided. They even wrote me twice during that week to see if I had questions or needed help. Once my trial was finished, I spoke with my boss and told him how easy it was to use. First drawing took less than 20 minutes to complete while a simpler one had taken up to an hour on other software. (You can make them fancy or simple) I loved the ease! Customer support wrote and asked if I was interested in purchasing. I replied that my boss thought it was too costly for something we would not use on a regular basis. SmartDraw customer service called me on the phone and asked what parts I needed and what type of renewals I needed, etc. Asked how much would we be willing to pay for what we needed and worked with us to customize our download to meet our needs and then some, gave us options on future updates or just the one year updates, etc. Never have I ever had such quality service from a software company. I have had no problems at all from the program. It does what I tell it to do. I saw some reviews of it being cranky...I have not had that issue. Best program and best customer service ever! They also send an occasional email with different ideas on what the program can do with how to videos available.

  • KEVIN DURANT - Poor performance

    I had a creator product in the past and that software was great. I assumed because of it's predessors I would hang my hat on that reputation, however it would appear that limited in its abilities and software probroblems right out the box. Returned the product because I could not get it to work.

  • Neal Kinney - Go Ahead! Compare the Taste of Creamy Mash with any Other Brand. You will Agree! The Best!

    This is, without a doubt, the best instant potato mix I have ever tasted. First found it at Costco and then panicked when they ceased to carry it at our local warehouse. Called the company to see which local markets carried it and found it... for a while. Finally found it on and have been enjoying it constantly ever since.

  • Carol Carpenter - Good product at a good price.

    I have used these for years. They work. The only place I have been able to find the large size packages is at a big box membership store, and when I let my membership expire I could no longer get them. Am so happy to find them on Amazon.

  • Marie Fernandez - Awesome!

    Loved this CD. The songs were outstanding and understandably award winners. Haven't stopped playing since I received it--a real winner!