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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Mrs. D - Disappointed

    The price for this cup seemed too good to be true and now I know why. First of all, I didn't receive the sliding lid, and the one I did receive is terrible. It doesn't stay sealed at all!!! The slightest touch pops it right out. I carry my cup from the top and haved dropped it twice because of that- causing an icy 30oz mess. I gave it 2 stars because it fits in my cup holder in my car and it does keep my drink cold, but without a lid that stays put, I won't be getting much use out of it.

  • cleidouse - I would not recommend this for any use

    I received this product and ultimately my money was refunded, but this is a low quality camera with people obviously using a cheap translating tool to try and communicate. After hours of trying to get this to work, I had no success. I would not recommend this for any use.

  • Edward Brunell - eerie thoughts

    Just a simply game board, but seems to be good. It is a Christmas gift so I can't say for sure of total satisfaction.

  • Hnin - It's basically expensive Head and Shoulders

    I was pretty disappointed by this, as far as controlling my dandruff goes. I have used Selsun Blue in the past, but it was the medicated one with menthol. That worked very well in completely preventing the small white things on my scalp from appearing, but it wasn't very good in actually making me feel as if my hair was properly shampooed. I was hoping that the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner variety would solve this problem, but it was not successful. My review is based on about 3 weeks of using the product.

  • Beesch - Price is crazy!

    Other than the very nice fragrance, I do not see this being anywhere close to be being worth the price. I was hoping it would be because of other reviews, but should have known better.