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  • ABOUT US | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO - Blu: A Color Salon has been coloring and styling hair in the Fenton, MO (a suburb of St. Louis) area since 2009.
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  • ESSENTIAL HAIR CARE | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO - blu: A Color Salon will offer its clients the complete range of Davines hair care products starting March 1, 2015. After your cut and style, your stylist will
  • STYLING | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO - The key to a great style is top-of-the-line product. blu is proud that we offer Davines' More Inside. THIS IS A CURL BUILDING SERUM Ideal for a look with
  • Mover, Shaker, Difference Maker…It’s A Wild Ride But Worth It! | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO - The purpose of this blog is to introduce myself, The Primary Project and hopefully, acquire your help with the launch of this new initiative in the St Louis
  • Today Is A Gift! | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO -   Today is a gift! What a loaded statement. Sometimes it’s loaded with truth we can see, feel, touch and taste, those times when everything around us is
  • Flamboyage, Balayage, Foil, Hair painting, Ombre | Hair Salon St. Louis MO - Blu Color Salon, Fenton MO - With so many options for dimensional color these days, how would anyone know what to ask for when scheduling an appointment?

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    Look, I read why this stuff works, thicker viscosity and all that crap. I'm no scientist, all I know is my power steering fluid leaked out all at once overnight, bone dry. Steering whining like baby next morning. Added 16 0z. of Lucas and whining gone, no leaks? Totally amazed. For all the bull crap products that are out there it's great to find one that does what it says it will do. I'm going to try other Lucas products as needed, if the quality of their other products is as good it's gonna save me a ton of money. Already did actually. To be honest I don't even know where it was leaking from but it did the job. So far, so good.

  • Cliffy - Good so far

    Just got it and applied...........AFTER reading the directions. Initially it turned my gray pavers Orange, causing me some consternation. However, the colour returned to normal after drying. 2 days post application and the mold seems to be retreating. The directions state that you may need to apply second coat. Will update post with results.

  • Jerry L. Wescott - Very happy

    I was very satisfied the product and the speed I received it I would do business with them again, I was very satisfied

  • jacky martinez - Really work!

    I already had a nice plumped booty because of my genes but after using these i have really seen a slight improvement. I can see i got a little thicker and for some reason i noticed my legs got thicker as well. Im not complaining. I feel and look amazing! My friend started using these and they are working for her as well!

  • Anna Morgan - It is never to late to learn.

    I am still trying to figure out how in the world I never heard of Dr Wallach..The information in this book is priceless. I have an elderly friend who told me about Dr Wallach and some of his products. I have seen the wonderful changes in her and have been impressed. No, no one is paying me to write this.I will order some copies for several of my friends and family. Outstanding book.

  • mosquitoldy - Perfect for my thick hair

    I found out about this shampoo and conditioner when staying at a Hilton Hotel. I usually hate the samples hotels have because it dries out my thick, semi curly hair. This stuff is awesome. My hair gets very sweaty from my workouts and this stuff gets out the bad and keeps in the good. I do only shampoo/condition my hair every other day to not dry it out. I rinse it water the days in-between. The only thing about it I don't like is that I can go through one bottle in under 2 months and the price is kind of high. Can't imagine if I had to use more than I do.