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  • Situational Awareness and Non Verbals | Brett Newcomb, MA, LPC - The importance of the development of non verbal skills as a way to sense danger in the environment. Situational Awareness is a critical skill.
  • The Id the Ego and the Super Ego, When the Balance is Broken | Brett Newcomb, MA, LPC - id,ego,super ego,defensive systems,personality disorders,freudian theory,therapist skill sets
  • Continuing Thoughts on The Observing Ego | Brett Newcomb, MA, LPC - Evolution of a conversation begun in my last blog which focused on the Id, the Ego, and the Super Ego

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    I recieved this product in the mail today and I used it immediately. I was so impressed. It is very gentle. It peels the skin away which is better for people like myself who have sensitive skin. The average facial scrub would scrape my skin off and leave it red and irritated. Amazon has the best price, sells the product for $64.95. I will be ordering this product again!

  • B. Chancellor - Functions as a Yeti However no Different than other Generics.

    This is the second not Yeti cup I have tried. Let m say that functionally they all have held ice to the exact same degree that my Yeti does. This cup does not fit in my cup holder in my car. The base seems to be a little larger than a Yeti. My main complaint about this cup is the Sticker they put on this thing. I have tried several different methods, including Goo-Gone and you can still see where the sticker was on the cup. What ever insane glue they use seems to have discolored the steel.