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  • E. Lyon - I had used other products in the past with poor results. I applied the first coat and I ...

    Purchased this product after researching trim restorers. Our 20 year old 1996 Honda was seriously faded. The trim was a due white. I had used other products in the past with poor results. I applied the first coat and I was impressed as it looked almost new. I applied the second coat as instructed. Both my wife and I were surprised how Wipe New restored the trim to a bright color. Since I had such good results on the Honda I decided to try it on my 10 year old motorcycle. Some of the trim pieces were dull with a white tinge. After two coats the black has returned and looks like it did when I bought the bike ten years ago. Since I had some Wipe New left, I decided to do my 13 year old 2003 Ford Van. The grill was especially dull as were the wiper blade arms. I also did the side mirror covers. Again, this stuff restored these plastic parts to a bright shine. I don't know if this stuff will last 2 years but so far we are very impressed.

  • Lisa Jordan - Caused open lesions on two of my cats

    I purchased 5 cat collars last month. Two of my cats experienced hair loss and open sores at collar site. Very disappointed as I had hoped to have this as my "go-to" flea and tick treatment. So far, only 2 of my 5 cats have been able to tolerate the collar and one cat requires twice daily applications of a steroid cream to help heal his sores.

  • Russ C - Great bag for large computers and easy to use over outer wear, especially my motorcycle jacket.

    I was a long time backpack user for my large 17 in computer. They usually wound up in daily use as a semi-messenger bag due to the use of mainly one strap during my daily carry. I also did not like the difficulty of getting both straps over jackets, especially my motorcycle jacket.

  • Anne - Like the other Oribe products I use

    Like the other Oribe products I use, this is a great shampoo and my hair looks more like a model's and shampooing less frequently.

  • Alison Fujii - Good for your skin

    This stuff is very nice. It won't work miracles, but if you're taking good care of your skin already, this will do a great job topping that off. I get fewer ingrown hairs and razor issues than before, but I still get one every once and again.

  • Dora M Gutierrez - Security

    I have used several different security software, none have been as satisfactory to me as avast. I was having a lot of trouble with programs that have deleted necessary drivers and not protected my computer as I expected. Some have directed me to other software that has done a lot of harm to my computer to where it would not function properly. I was leary of trusting anyone. I started with the avast free version, then as I saw their work decided to buy the subscription last August. Avast has come in and cleaned out my computer and has so far kept my computer clean.

  • K-mart Manager - Not Impressed

    I have nothing but trouble with product from the day i put it on, heaps of programs not responding every thing running slow as soon as i uninstalled it every thing was fine very disappointing after the pump up reviews