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  • C. Matasavage - Love this product

    If I could only take one supplement, this would be it. It has alleviated my vicious nightly leg cramps, drastically improved my sleep-therefore my mood; improved regularity. I was asked "what are the side effects?" answer-you feel better! Concerning the issue of taste discussed by another reviewer; I add a splash of juice-problem solved. However, be sure to mix with warm water, and don't drink until the fizzing stops, or you will have a belching problem.

  • lauren - The smell is very nice and your hair is soft when you wash it ...

    It's okay, I mean it leaves your hair looking shinier. The smell is very nice and your hair is soft when you wash it out. Only problem is I have extremely dry hair and my hair still feels very dry once it's fully dried. I don't notice a difference in the texture of my hair since this is a repair mask.

  • S and T Gorrow - Love it!

    Very easy to clean and very easy to use. Not loud or difficult to use. I buy frozen blueberries or raspberries and use them. Tried bananas and they do not taste like frozen vanilla yoghurt. They taste like frozen bananas.

  • Nicholas - Great for anyone willing to spend the money!

    If you are looking for more length and a soft feel, this a great ball. Don't listen to the golf snobs who think they know more about golf cuz they are single digit handicaps and tell you not to waste your money on these. Most golfers(like myself) with handicaps in the teens play in that range cuz they don't have time to play 6 times a week so they lose shots in their short game, not because they can't keep long shots in play...long shots are the easier part of the game. That said, I have tested this ball on quiet days on the course shot for shot against a handful of cheaper 2 piece balls, and this 330RX is consistantly 10 - 15 yards farther. Anyone can benefit from more distance. If you worry about losing your $4 ball, grab the yellow ones, they are easier to find if you spray it in the rough! Have fun!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Good while it lasted...lasted 7 months.

    I ordered it back in November '15 and just went dead this afternoon in the middle of using it. It gave a really close buzz cut, and a good shape up as well. Now I feel like I should have listened to other reviews that said spend a little more and get the better Andis edger. For $40 I expected more than 7 months of usage.

  • sreenivasulu basabathina - I feel like I am still on clouds

    I got my jeep a month back, I feel like I am still on clouds! I always wanted a jeep, I got 2016 Jeep wrangler unlimited with softtop. It is lot of fun in taking the top on and off. I am more connected to the nature now, since almost 1 month I am not using AC in it.