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  • Erica - The Best Revenge Out There

    The smell... Is so bad... There is this annoying jock at my school that makes fun of people, so I decided to buy this and put it to good use. I got one of my friends to distract him while I walked by and sprayed one squirt of this devil juice on his pants. Immediately, putrid crap smell filled the hallway and people figured out it was him. Every class he went to, people could smell the horribleness. He was quickly named "Sh*t pants" by everyone else. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find the source of the foul smell. He was so distracted with it, that he didn't have time to mess with people. Everyone else had a blessed day. No one ever found out I was the mastermind behind it. 10/10 would recommend. -A high school student

  • Brian's Reviews - Best Slow Cooker

    I chose this model partly because it won the editors choice from Wired magazine. It also fit my needs of a nice slow cooker with programmable time and keep warm mode. The price is great too.

  • B. Frei - Requires HUGE suspension of disbelief, but fun to watch

    This is one of my guilty-pleasure movies. The plot is so outlandish and far-fetched it's comical in itself. But the special effects are dazzling, and the pace of the movie is fast and fun. I put this movie on in the background when I'm doing routine chores around the house.

  • Jeremy A. Mcentire - Spore's depth is exclusively graphical.

    Yes. The DRM sucks. I pre-ordered this game and have vowed to NEVER AGAIN PRE-ORDER. If I had had the benefit of the reviews from Amazon prior to purchasing this game, I'd have waited. The worst thing about it is that the DRM protects the most mindlessly simple game imaginable. The only depth to the game is the number of different creatures you can create. For that, just get the creature creator or a set of crayons. Really. Every other aspect of the game is simplistic to the point of being almost deterministic. If you die you lose nothing; if you have even the slightest ability to think critically, you can maximize your creature's abilities. Creature abilities are in no way affected by your creature's design. You get no points for creativity in design. This persists until after the tribal phase; in the civilization phase, things don't get much more complex. Honestly, this is where the game at least got passingly interesting -- but, it doesn't hold a candle to Civilization. Imagine playing a game of Risk with a toddler... that's about how engaging the civilization phase is. And the space phase? Pretty much just annoying. The more you expand, the more other "races" want from you. Soon, you'll be annoyed that you have to handle the minutia of a city's buildings on every planet you control WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY, SINGLE-HANDEDLY fighting off any invasion of any of your planets. Not to mention having to run stupid errands for other races to keep them happy, or engage in a war all alone. At least, it's not hard to fly-by, drop a bomb, and circle the planet. This method lets you destroy a city without risking much damage at all to your ship. Pretty mindless.