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  • J. Smith - Surprise!

    Other recent Dilbert books I'd give maybe 4 stars to but this one is fantastic. It's timely too - CEOs who make too much money. In fact, the terrible economy of today. Even a cartoon referring to torture - to see if the new guy really can keep secrets. I appreciate this book for it's humorous honesty. Grab this one!!

  • Rich Latta - Get yer groove on . . .

    This is very cool, laid back groove soul/occasional dub raggae with sweet singing, smooth rapping, some killer bass lines and samples. Unfortunately they go in for some typically meat-headed rap brags in a few places ("My AK rig goes boom boom!") but no matter. Personally, I love Massive's MEZZANINE and the early solo albums "Tricky Kid" went on to make much more. MEZZANINE is thicker, darker and more sensuous and I think the songs are even better overall. I just LOVE that "trip-hop" style and it's much deeper on MEZZANINE. It's deeper, baby! Apparently, a lot of people on this forum have a problem with this particular point of view. Screw 'em!

  • MommyCrafts - Love the durability, wish there were more colors

    I got this kit as an early Christmas present about 3 weeks ago. In that time, I've done my nails 3 times. I could probably have gone longer, but I hate the look of grown out nails and my nails tend to grow fast. The nails were shiny and chip free the entire time, they never dulled...so if you are good with grown out nails you could go for longer.

  • Snkiis3 - Solid!

    These stands are quite solid. Very good value and simple to put together. You have to put the racks together yourself so you need basic DIY skills and experience. Very sad how some just can't figure out simple things and are left disgruntled and blaming the seller. The person who left the one star feedback...lmao! The top of the bolt has a square on the neck which you must align with square on the hole at which point the bolt will go all the way through and not leave you that extra 1/4" length.

  • Kay Bennett - Good for long, thick hair like my daughters

    I purchased this product for my daughter because she has tremendous amounts of hair and she does not like to take the time to flat iron. I thought this would be easier for her, but she said that her hair was still fluffy on the ends. I did not try it out myself because I felt I did not have enough hair . It does heat up quickly, but the back of it gets hot that is the only problem. I think once my daughter takes the time with it this brush will do just fine for her.

  • sadler29 - best purchase ever!

    I purchased this for my 20 month old (now 2 years old) because we were moving to Germany, and would be living in hotels/temp housing for 3-4 months and wouldn't be able to purchase a large high chair. This is PERFECT! it is compact and folds up so small and even has a great bag that is attached and folds up into a picket on the bottom(and thus can't be lost in all our moving). it is VERY sturdy! My 2 year old has developed a habit of pushing a chair up to it and climbing in himself- standing in it at one point and the chair table chair doesn't budge. He usually HATES high chairs and refuses to sit in most, but like this one. It is easy to attach to most tables and easy to clean.