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  • Tina Yagow - Everyone should follow this method!!!!

    This book is a wonderful guide and should be used by everyone, whether they have diabetes/insulin-resistance or not. This book has already helped my lose 15 pounds in just a few months and has changed the way I eat. I like it becuase it is not a "diet", it is a new way of eating that is easy to follow for life.

  • Flipper - Excellent car seat - big and comfy but svelte!

    Despite being fairly large, heavily built, and loaded with padding, the Clek Fllo is one of the narrowest carseats on the market, and is easy to install as well. We liked this seat so much we now own two of them, one for each car. Amazingly, we were able to install this into the center position of our 2009 Toyota Corolla. Despite this being a fairly large seat and the Corolla being a small car, the back of the seat is contoured such that the driver and passenger seats can be moved all the way back without lifting the front of the Fllo up.

  • Rico - helpful

    I found that the book greatly increased my verbal score. I had not taken an actual test of the new version of the GRE, but my first practice test was 7 points lower than what I scored on the actual test. My math score did not increase as much (it did increase a few points) but my confidence and time management improved. I was a little disappointed in the writing portions how they were self assessments. If I had known exactly how to do better, then I would have. The practice test were very helpful.

  • Shannon Bagenholm - The color is really pretty & the soles of the shoes are very comfortable

    They were a half size too small on my right foot (which is a half size larger than my left foot) so I returned them & ordered them in a 10. The color is really pretty & the soles of the shoes are very comfortable.