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  • barbara kelman - new yorker

    Best magazine published in USA. First class writing on a huge variety of subject matter, in depth coverage of national and international current events, historical sociological and political analysis written by brilliant and informed writers. Whatever the subject, however esoteric, it holds my interest from first word to last. And let's not forget the cartoons- clever, witty and topical. All in all, worth every cent of the subscription price.

  • Sherleen G. - RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler, the jury is still out

    I have been contacted numerous times by Amazon to write a review on RoC products that I recently purchased. I have told them I hadn't used the products long enough to really give a review but since they continue to e-mail me about it, I will give it my best shot. I like this Deep Wrinkle Filler for how it goes onto my face and how it feels when I apply it in the morning. The smell is very nice however I have not used it long enough to really give it a great review as far as filling my wrinkles as well as I'd like. I will say that it has probably brightened my complexion some and there may be discernible wrinkle coverage but whatever I see first thing in the morning gradually wears off as the day goes on. I have only reapplied it a couple of times later in the day if I am going some place special. I had hoped this would be something I would not have to worry would wear off by mid afternoon. I purchased the Deep Wrinkle Filler primarily for temporary coverage of my wrinkles but I was thinking it would last until I washed my face in the evening. I was hoping as with the other RoC products I purchased at the same time as I purchased the deep wrinkle filler that I would see better results the longer I used it however in the past two to three weeks that I have used it, I'm not sure the results will get any better as some reviewers shared. One huge problem I have noticed when I use this product and also the deep wrinkle moisturizer is that when I apply the moisturizer over the RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler that I also apply in the mornings, it tends to flake and I have to wipe off all the excess flaking that comes from either the filler or the moisturizer, whichever is doing it. I have been careful about applying it thin enough and making sure I rub it in good but it still has a tendency to flake which is a big nuisance. I would like to know if there is something I am missing when applying these two products in the morning since the directions do say that that you can use the moisturizer over the wrinkle filler. At any rate, time will tell whether I see any a pronounced difference in my wrinkles but at this point, it is helping some, I just wish it would do more and last longer. Hopefully the longer I use it, the sooner I will see more improvement that will seal my decision about whether I will continue using these products. At this point, if I ran out of them tomorrow, I probably would not reorder.

  • Ms. C - Practical, Stylish, Carry-Everything Bag

    This bag arrived on my doorstep last week, and since then I have been carrying it to and from work every day. I was so happy I found this color in a size Small (it's sold out all over the internet and more expensive on the direct brand's website). I purchased this looking for a bag that would a) not ruin my back due the weight and b) fit my netbook and other graduate-school items such as textbooks, portable hard drive, etc. First of all, I can fit all of my textbooks, netbook, papers, cords, and other little things I used to keep in my purse, with enough room to shove my water bottle in on the side. When it rains, which it has several times this week, the water is completely repelled by the awesome "ballistic" material. When it stops raining, however, I can loosen both of the straps on the front flap and slide my umbrella perfectly along the bottom of the bag, pulling the straps a bit to make the fit tighter.

  • C. M. - which is a much more versatile look than the two-toned dark band (although it is a very good looking watch/band combo)

    I went with the steel band, which is a much more versatile look than the two-toned dark band (although it is a very good looking watch/band combo).

  • Delphine Desmedt - Orogold cheating!

    another story on the Orogold Scam!! I was in the London shop last week (Kensington High Street), actually more forced into the shop than wanting to go in there myself. To make a long story short: after having repeatedly said that I do not want to buy any kind of products (prices are just CRAZY), the guy in the shop, the so called shop owner, made me an offer that in the end I accepted: one facial creme for £ 50. He probably must have thought how stupid I am to even believe him, and this is how I feel afterwards too: I came home, and realized that the nice bag and wrapping of the box were just EMPTY. As a customer, you just feel so violated, you can' believe how this can happen.

  • Richard - OK but not again

    We had the Navien NR-240 (A) installed in July 2010. Knowing what we know now, we would not do it again. Here's why.

  • Amazon Customer - Great recipes, great pictures

    Great recipes, great pictures! Love how her culture and family is also incorporated into this. I've been making a few of the recipes from this book each week since I received it (had preordered) and have loved every single one!