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  • Carmina Savarese - Great product!

    I saw this on facebook and I thought this was such a great idea. I used it right when I opened my package. It works just like you think it would! You just put it on two of your fingers (I used my middle and ring finger) and stick your nail polish in it, so you don't have to put your nail polish on a far away table and waste time.

  • Mommie342 - When my pain hits me too hard I will be reaching for LivRelief Ultra Strength

    I live with a lot of pain. There are really no remedies that will take all of your pain so your just have to take what you can get for relief. I tried LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief Cream. First for some ongoing ankle pain and then for arthritis. I noticed more relief for the arthritis quite honestly but there was also some relief for my ankle pain. I would recommend this pain relief cream for anyone who has pain, even if it doesn't make it pain free it helps enough to make you feel better. I especially like that it is made with all natural ingredients and is plant based. When my pain hits me too hard I will be reaching for LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief Cream for the help I can live with. Buy with confidence.

  • Rathael G. Fambro - poor

    I don't think this product was authentic. it didn't help like it should have. please do more research before buying natural products.

  • Cheryl L Petersen - Super Lightweight, Good Quality

    I really love these shoes....they're lightweight and would be super comfortable if they didn't run a little small. If you're an 8 1/2 like me, maybe order a size 9.

  • Kathy C - Comfortable, but not lightweight

    VERY comfortable, but pretty heavy. I'm not sure why I thought they'd be lighter... I was hoping ro use these for a recemt camping trip, but they were just too big and heavy to pack along. And I didn't read that they came with the utility trays, so I spent on an additional order for separate trays unnecessarily.

  • Brian Healy - good product

    i recommend this to all guys who don't like body hair like me and it also good in the manly area down below (don't judge) i just don't like hair there and shaving it sucked its a huge hassle and most guys now a days shave down there anyways cause females don't like it (like my girlfriend)but when you put it on you have to put on a lil bit more then recommended cause the hairs are deeply rooted and thick and leave it on longer then directed but overall great product leaves it smooth and clean if you do it right and the only downfall is the scent it is very strong and i don't recommend doing it before you start your day in public cause it is strong but if if you shower after you remove it and soap well enough the scent will not be as strong