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  • Medina Medeni - The best Internet Security software - AIO

    I've been using Kaspersky for years and just can't praise enough all the levels of protection Kaspersky provides. I have read couple of reviews stating that it was a problem renewing the license after a year...I always had easy, painless renewal with the license code. The trick is that renewing code must be for the same suite like the one expiring, i.e. Internet security 2011 must be renewed with the code for Internet security 2012 or 2013. Kaspersky Antivirus Suite only, cannot be renewed with the code for Internet Security Suite, and vice versa. Other than that, Kaspersky is a low profile, very easy on the system and not annoying protection. I do posses advanced knowledge of software and hardware and build and fix computers occasionally. I would recommend Kaspersky Internet Security suite for keeping your computer protected while surfing the web, shopping, downloading and conducting business on line.


    I HAVE BEEN USING QB SINCE 1993 WHEN VERSION 1.0 CAME OUT AND BEEN USING QB PAYROLL SINCE IT'S INCEPTION. OUR BUSINESS PURCHASED QB PRO 2012 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL WITH A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLED IT IN DECEMBER OF 2012. OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE DOES NOT EXPIRE UNTIL THE END OF 2013. WE RECEIVED AN IN EMAIL FROM THAT STATE: "Your annual subscription for Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll will be automatically renewed on 11/22/2013 at a price of $449, plus tax where applicable. The charge will appear as "Intuit QB Payroll" on the credit card listed below. You will also receive an email renewal confirmation notice on the day your credit card is charged." OUR ENHANCED PAYROLL SERVICE WAS PREMATURELY CANCELLED/TERMINATED WHEN I TOOK MY CREDIT CARD INFO OFF THE ACCOUNT SO THAT QB PAYROLL COULD NOT CHARGE ME $449. WHEN WE HAVE ALREADY ORDERED QB PRO 2014 WITH ENHANCED PAYROLL FOR ONE YEAR FOR $279.

  • Lisa33 - Best beauty purchase of the year!!!

    In short--best beauty product purchase of the year, and perhaps ever! I am a fair-skinned brunette, so I have exactly the right coloring for this device. I do not hesitate to highly recommend this product if you have similar coloring. My bikini area and underarms are dramatically improved. Pay attention to the color of the hair you want to remove, though. I've found the hair on my legs to be a little too light for this to have dramatic results. If you have freckles--no worries! I have freckles and have noticed no adverse response. All-in-all, you will be pleased. It costs less than one laser treatment, is much less painful than waxing and best of all, you can preserve your dignity and privacy by doing it yourself--again, and again, and again--as needed. I'm still on my first bulb, so not everyone has issues with that. Regardless, it is very inexpensive over the long term when compared to spa services.

  • Sara E. Guterbock - Highly Recommended.

    Been using this for nearly three years. I love that I can order this on Amazon rather than committing to a monthly program. I lost over twenty pounds using it when I first began in spring of 2012 by replacing breakfast and lunch and eating a sensible dinner. This product helped me conquer some serious food addiction and learn to simply FUEL my body for two meals a day, and look forward to enjoying one gourmet meal a day-- something I still make a habit of. I've kept the weight off and feel really wonderful. It tastes great and can be made into many different flavors. I use plain Greek Yogurt for added protein and almond milk for a low calorie mixer, then add fruit & seasoning of choice-- try frozen peaches & ginger, or mango & coconut milk, raspberries & cocoa powder, or instant coffee & cocoa for a morning mocha. Ground flax seed is another great addtition for healthy fats, protein, fiber & omega 3s-- helps fill you up even more. I make the bag last by using one scoop in the morning and 2 scoops for lunch-- I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so. It's not a silver bullet, but when a person plans ahead, stocks the right things to make great tasting shakes in a variety of flavors, and keeps at the program, it is DEFINITELY a VERY effective product.

  • Amanda Carthel - BUY KINDLE FIRE HD INSTEAD!

    It is so slow. My toddler just set it aside and got bored with it too quickly. I sent this back and ordered the KINDLE FIRE HD! So much better. For a learning tablet there are a ton of hidden costs. If i could afford to spend a fortune on education my child would be going to private school! We love Leapfrog products but this one was a failure!

  • guan yixi - Has everything in it.

    It's a very thick book. This is the first time I do tax by myself as a foreigner. My situation is pretty simple. To be honest, I feel the instruction from government website would be enough. But having this did give more confidence. I feel I did everything right. Still good to have one like this in the book shelf. Won't buy every year.

  • Gustavo Orellana - Nice but not very stable.

    Some nice changes to 2007, at least now all the programs share the same interface. Some changes are not for the business oriented user.