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  • njudge28 - Doesn't work

    I've been using this product along with the conditioner and thickening treatment for a year and canNOT see any difference in my hair. It is not better than any product you can purchase at the drug store. I would not waste any more money on it.

  • Lisa E - A definite yes!

    Very happy with the timely delivery, the price, the ease of putting it on & the look. Lost my original hubcap on vacation & didn't want to pay a ridiculous price to replace it since my van is a 2008.

  • Shooter Dog - Good Read

    I enjoyed this book, it was an easy read. However I do agree with some of the other reviews it wasn't that much of a thriller and it was more of a self examination on the characters 'Before' and 'After'. I, also, wouldn't throw it into a typical romance genre. With that said, I did like reading this novel and unlike others who didn't like the titles of each chapter as Before/After, I found the book easier to follow. There was the small twist at the end, but I found it predictable in the last pages. All in all, a good read for me and I do plan on reading more books from Victoria Helen Stone.

  • HaroldnCA - Disappointed Uber Driver

    Very disappointed in these floor mats. I'm an Uber driver and I bought these floor mats to protect my car from all the filth that is tracked by countless people getting in and out of my car. The material is thin and flimsy. The back floor mats slide around. They do not grip the carpet in any way so they are constantly pushed up under the back seat. The fact that they are molded to fit the floor is nice but because the material is thin and it slides...they are constantly moved out of place and the plastic ends up getting bent and misshaped. Very unfortunate. I expected much better for spending almost $200.

  • Flyboy - Best

    Tried many " Green " powdered drinks, most were not as expensive but this is by far the best. Not really sure what's different in this one but it almost feels like there is a stimulant in it. But if you check the ingredients there is none. Like the fact the beet juice is organic as I try to avoid genetically modified foods. Not sure about the soy lectin. This seller is less expensive than the manufacturer and product shipped promptly.

  • Heinlein - Beware!

    Works ok I never got a virus I was aware of but in my opinion the update and agreement that came with it is a invasion privacy and you can not stop the update nag if you don't want to update to the new release with built in social networking or agree to their terms.