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  • Fernando - Great Clubs

    I recently bought this Item for my wife, she used to golf back in high school and we decided to get back into it. They were great the first time around, she easily got the hang of them. I even tried them myself just to see what they had, they are really light weight and easy to handle with the grips that it has. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is a beginner or intermediate. the price was great too for the type of clubs they are.

  • GW in Arizona - AZO is a name you can trust

    What can I say - product is as described. I like the fact that these are super concentrated and in a soft gel. Check out the milligrams per capsule... most on the market have much less than these. Good price for the quality and dosage from a name you can trust.

  • Paul Wefing - Stubby antenna for 2012 grand Cherokee.

    This Antenna does not fit my 2012 grand Cherokee, not sure if they sent me the wrong one by mistake.

  • MarthaS348 - Could't Get Rabbit Installed

    I bought the Rabbit at Walmart. I couldn't get it installed. I had a bunch of popups that said my internet crashed. After reading these rewiews I think I will just call this a lost $10.00. I should have read the reviews first. If I had read them first I would not have opened the package; and I could have taken it back.

  • R. Dionne - Bendy as promised

    I bought to repair a few of my iPhone cables that were coming frayed at the connector spots. This stuff was pretty easy to use, though not as easy as the product video makes it look. The consistency is somewhat firmer (and stickier) than play-dough. Once I left it to set, it firmed up and remained bendable as promised. It worked great for repairing my cables, and I have a few other ideas of what I can use it for.

  • mark - Dead Dimm Dead RMA

    I got the board but had to wait for a few weeks to build it,whe i did one of the dimms was dead and had to use memory check to get it to boot,otherwise the board is great if and when i get my new one :).The bios is easy to use and much better than any of the other ones i've used.Again when it was working;)i will keep buying Asus boards,though i will never use Amazon for after 30 days they wouldn't let me RMA it...lol it was like 33 days,other companys have a year so that really pissed me off.now i have to wait for Asus to deal with..anywho nice board and worth the high price,i'd just go buy it somewhere else with a better rma time limit.

  • Stauffer - Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and ...

    Use this with the wet pads to do some spot cleaning on our floors at work. Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and small messes. The sweeper is just plastic screwed together, so it is a bit flimsy; I don't use it for hardcore cleaning, so I don't mind. I imagine it would be difficult to clean large areas on a regular basis and also costly. I would stick with a traditional mop if you need to deep clean large square footage.