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  • Lee Suggs - Never buy something from this company

    This product does not protect anything. When contacted to "use the warranty" the company said the "damage" was too extensive. I was told that it was my responsibility to contact them "immediately when any damage" (direct quote)appeared on the vehicle. I clarified and said so the minute a spot appears I should have called you and she said yes. My truck has not been in an accident or near any road salt.(we live in California not on the coast) I was one of the fools who had this applied at the dealership. So if you need something else in life to check on a daily basis this might be the product for you.

  • Eric - If row height makes a difference...

    Concerning the product itself, they are as advertised. However, if row height is an issue to anyone (whether you write big or very small), the gray and white rows are less than I expected (5/16"). Every register I've used in the past has always had a line height of 3/8". That extra 1/16" does not seem like much, but its very noticeable when you've only known the bigger row height. Recording transactions in these registers feels like half the room I was used to. It just means these registers have a few more lines per page, but it is more difficult to write in them. I'm accustomed to it now, but if someone tends to have bigger handwriting I would suggest specifically looking for checkbook registers with the bigger line/row height. Before I got this product I thought all of the registers were the same across the board. It wasn't until I got these that I realized there was a difference. That's why I took the time to post this review.

  • midwesterner - H&R block home deluxe

    Nothing like going to an accountant to fill your taxes one gets a personal touch familiar faces. This helps prepare the tax return and you ready to ask the right question and budget for that day.

  • Brandi Belicek - Good quality meat but tasted and smelled strongly of apple cider vinegar

    This is obviously a good quality product. The meat is a very good texture and isn't hard or stringy even after refrigeration. The problem is that I didn't care for the marinade. All I could taste and smell was the apple cider vinegar, which I am not a fan of. In another flavoring, perhaps pepper or cajun spice, it would rate much more favorably. I don't really follow diet trends, so I don't know if its this flavor for a reason, if so ignore my criticism.

  • Amazon Customer - AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely love this product!!! Cannot get enough of the simple sugars line, they smell amazing and work even better