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  • Nose Dive No More | Venus Goes Gidget - Yay, you’ve made it. You’ve persisted and you are past the whitewash. Congrats Gidgets. But now that you are catching green waves you all of a sudden facing new
  • Great Gidget Hayley | Venus Goes Gidget - In our Great Gidget series we interview ladies from all walks of lives with a love for surfing and the ocean. I always love putting these interviews together.
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  • Isabella - INCREDIBLE!!! SO helpful and SO worth it!!

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  • michorizo - Great lipstick for the pig

    Very easy to apply. Read the instructions and do them EXACTLY as stated. You get plenty of chips so use them. Even though it states it can do 50 sq.ft., I only needed less than 29 sq.ft. and barely had enough for touch ups. Luckily I read other reviews with the same issues and got the larger kit.

  • SantoMB - Disappointing

    I have learned not to rush myself into new gadgets without proper investigation, extensive comparisons and reading customer reviews but somehow this product got me buying in no time. I hope you don't make the same mistake. I will try and walk you through my experience with the advertised features, tested on my wife's iPhone 5S with latest iOs and my own Galaxy S4 running android 5. I bought it thinking on using it to hide it in my baby's stroller or clothes.

  • Smmarkle - Super cool

    So enjoy this cup! I use it for my morning smoothies to take to work. The straw works great! Keeps my smoothie super chill till it is gone. I have used for ice tea as well. Keeps that nice and cold for as long as I have it in my cup. Would recommend for anyone wanting to keep your drink nice and cold!