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Florian Paillasson | Concepteur-développeur web - Responsive webdesigner - Chef de projet web - Grenoble - Après avoir été chercheur en web'Sciences à l'Institut Mines-Télécom et concepteur-développeur web en freelance, je suis désormais consultant chez Davidson. Ces expériences professionnelles m'ont particulièrement sensibilisé à l'évolution des technologies web et à leurs usages. Elles m’ont aussi appris à mener des projets à court et long terme, nécessitant à la fois le sens de l’analyse et de la réactivité, de la créativité et de la rigueur, de l'autonomie et du travail en équipe. Le tout avec optimisme et bonne humeur !

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • Prairie Girl - Nice

    They won't cure your slice (or your hook), but they are a lot easier to follow in the air and find in the rough for older eyes.

  • Robh - Has done just what it says it does...

    We've used Affresh washer cleaner (semi) regularly for the entire time we've had our machine and have had no issues with it smelling. To the contrary, I always enjoy opening it after we run Affresh through it because it smells so nice.

  • Pamela J. Peerce Landers - The Homeowners Answer to Fixing and Building Anythng

    A well-engineered, well-built joining system. Good for everything from mending rickety chairs to building something new. No special tools or skill required beyond a drill. Watch the videos on www.kregtool.com. Buy your screws from Amazon.

  • RoadiJeff - Thank you all for the honest reviews

    Thank you all for the honest reviews. I saw a TV commercial about Zap recently and I decided to do a Google search for reviews of it before I went for their "if you order now, we'll send you two" offer. After reading the many negative reviews, I can now see that Zap is not all the company claims it to be in their commercials. You all just saved me $19.95 plus whatever additional shipping and handling.


    Please guys - Do your research on this candidate without the help of the main stream media. Through an objective lens, any rational thinker will witness that Hillary is an indisputably corrupt politician. I always voted Democrat...but cannot stand behind Hillary after watching her for decades exploit the black community for political gain. We're NOT with her.

  • Amazon Customer - I received the powder version today. In my opinion ...

    I received the powder version today. In my opinion it's unfair to rate whether this product delivers until you've been on the regiment for at least 60-90 days. None of these star mean anything, I will be back in November 2016 with a fully rating.

  • mojambo - Getting worse every year

    Perhaps it is silly to review last years edition to this wonderful line of books, but I felt it was necessary. I used to love the Guiness World Records book when I was a kid, and looked forward to getting one every Christmas. I purchased this as a sort of gag-gift for my girlfriend, but I was also somewhat excited to re-light that fire from my childhood. Unfortunately, that did not happen, as this was the sorest of sore disappointments that I've experienced recently. The book is rather underwhelming, the graphics are uninteresting, and the records are really not impressive. The only one that I remember (simply for the sheer stupidity) is "most baked beans eaten in 120 seconds with a toothpick". We had a good laugh at that, but opted not to take it with us during the move, I wouldn't want the movers to waste precious time and back strength carrying this disappointment.