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  • Amazon Customer - She needs bathing more frequently than my older baby and so I like how mild this is for more frequent bathing

    Seems to be agreeing well with my new baby's skin. She needs bathing more frequently than my older baby and so I like how mild this is for more frequent bathing. Wish it was a little more fragrant, but of course that's probably not great for babies. Just wish it was a tad less expensive.

  • kenneth r laenger - A coffee a Gerd Sufferer can enjoy!

    This coffee tastes divine! It does not acidify the body, therefore, does not cause heartburn. It actually alkalines the body. It gives energy without the nervousness of other coffees. The mushroom in it cleanses the body and the energy is lasting versus that quick caffeine buzz. I first purchased it at a wellness center and found it to be much less on Amazon. It's instant, so you can take it anywhere there is hot water. Put a few packets in a coffee cup, and it's perfect for gift giving. I will never go back to four bucks, I mean Starbucks again. I can drink this black and I'm a cream and sugar lover!

  • TickTockAlice - Love love love this moisturizer!!

    I've been having a problem with moisturizers lately. Either they break me out or they don't moisturize enough. This moisturizer has changed everything! My skin is break out free, moisturized perfectly, smooth, soft, and radiant. It absorbs really nicely into the skin without making my skin feel greasy. You don't need a lot of product, you can always add more product if you need, but start out applying sparingly. It's really creamy but not thick and it's easy to work into your skin. This moisturizer isn't heavily scented, it's rather light and fresh and dissipates quickly. It's really soothing and calming...when I apply it I can almost hear my skin say "Ahhhh" in relief, lol.

  • Jeremy A. Kleiman - I've had two fail, bu they sent 3 extras free of charge because they claimed t it was quite rare to receive 2 defectived b2b.

    Very light, great for palming, switches are good quality and good locations and laser is high quality. Plug-and-play with no fancy software to maintain. Great for FPS gamers who don't like to install software for every peripheral they use. Although it is light, if I pick it up or even leave it sitting and wiggle it back and forth very quickly the mouse wheel makes an annoying sound like it isn't exactly snug. Also the plastic, although light, feels very cheap and the plastic used on the side for the "grips" seems smoother and less "grippy" than the plastic on the fingers. Could have done with the same plastic all round. For FPS gamers on a budget you might be better off with a cheaper Zowie or Logitech.

  • Joseph Hoener - I don't like it

    Hard to light: required repeated tries before I could get it going. Because of the rounded bottom, you can't stand it on a tabletop to fill or light it. The wide, flat shape slips nicely into a pocket; but it's awkward and uncomfortable to hold in your hand -- and since it's a hand warmer, that's what it supposed to fit. I was disappointed in how little heat it generates: not enough to warm cold hands, even when not bitter cold outside.