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  • Whedon - Sweeper + reusable cloths is a great combo

    I ended up buying some reusable microfiber cloths when the starter kit disposable cloths ran out and it's working great for me. The cloths pick up just as much crud as the disposables and I just shake 'em off and toss them in the wash when done. Definitely recommend this sweeper for hard floors.

  • justin - Harambe would not approve

    This thing is kindof a piece of s***. It's seriously so cheap for them to make this product, i thought itd be better to spend a bit more. First off it makes the saddest s*** noise when you turn it off. Secondly they try to make it seem like its a benefit to have non customizable teeth trays, but really its just laziness on their part. Seriously who though that's going to be better?? Lastly i just ysed it for the second time and the lights started to flicker and eventually went out. I had to hold the power button to finish the 30 min session.

  • buen chapin - WARNING! Ghastly and disastrous movie

    What a dreadful piece of **¡!#*& ....! This movie is not worth a penny and doesn't even deserve a zero star rating. Besides of being religious propaganda as others have expressed, the acting is mediocre, the script is lousy and the plot is lame. This is another movie that belongs under the classification of "Garbage Productions" This is a definite NO, NO!! Be adviced, don't waste your money on this C.R.A.P.! Better wait for the 2012 movie from Roland Emmerich (due next November), I should expect this one to be a lot more enjoyable.

  • dianne - Our Hess truck

    My husbond one and has been coulting Hess trucks since 1998. Got one at a Hess station and then decited toget our grandson one and they were out. Went on line and bought lt. Very pleased with it. Thaks from Okeechobee, Florida

  • Nancy - Wonderful product!

    I love testing beauty products, and especially for hair. My hair is dry and over processed. My usage of a flat iron has really taken a toll on my hair and I have been trying to find that best treatment and trying to recover the lustrous hair that I used to have. This product I believe is going to help with that goal. This product comes in 8 individual l packets, each with its own plastic cap. My hair is not quite shoulder length and there was enough product in one package to do my hair twice. I applied the product after shampooing and covered my hair with the plastic cap. I proceeded with my shower and when I was ready to rinse this out, it didn’t take any longer than applying a normal conditioner, but the results were much better than any regular conditioner that I have ever used. My hair was not a tangled mess after towel drying and a comb went right through. I blew dry my hair as normal and I was very pleased with the outcome. My hair was soft and shiny. I styled as usual which was much easier than normal and my hair looked great. The next time I used this product I left it on overnight. Since my hair is so dry I decided to leave it on overnight would be much more beneficial. I also don’t seem to notice as much of my hair breaking off and falling into the sink as usual either which makes me extremely happy. I am very pleased with this intense moisturizing masque and would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends and family. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review and I am certainly grateful for that opportunity or I might not have discovered this awesome product.

  • Mad Q. Dog - WOW! Simply WOW!

    Five days after the great treat of hearing Craig Johnson speak, this reader incurred a severe injury, leaving him with nothing to do but "be grounded"... and much time to read. I had read all of Craig Johnson's works to date, so occupied my time with other current American authors, eagerly awaiting, "An Obvious Fact". The wait was worth it! I join Colonel D (see his recent review) that THIS is Johnson's best work to date (and others are great-to-superb). And for those of you who have not heard Craig (speaking locations and dates at craigallenjohnson.com), he speaks as well as he writes and is most entertaining.

  • NICU Nurse 21 - Good product but not as an Add on.

    I love this product. I am an African-american women who decided to stop putting chemical in her hair. This product is like enough to provide adequate moisture. Its also thick enough to allow me to add other essential oils to it. I had this product on auto delivery but the program was suspend. You can know only purchase it as an add on item. I won't buy it as an add on because its cheaper for me to get it in a beauty supply store.