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lightninginjury.lab.uic.edu: Lightning Injury Research Program

The Lightning Injury Home Page provides a single resource for survivors of lightning strike injuries, physicians who treat them, the media, and anyone interested in finding out more about a weather phenomenon that kills an average of 73 people every year.

londondivingchamber.co.uk: Decompression chamber / Hyperbaric chamber for divers with the bends / decompression illness, London Recompression & Hyperbaric facilities - The London Diving Chamber

London Diving Chamber is a hyperbaric chamber providing NHS funded emergency recompression for divers with the bends / decompression illness / decompression sickness.The dive chamber is based in St John's Wood, London, UK providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for patients.The London Diving Chamber is a member of UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society). Other services provided by London Diving Chamber:Dive Medicals, Diving Medicine advice, Dry Diving, Diver medic training, dive events & scuba diving forum

laselvarh.com.br: Laselva Recursos Humanos

A Laselva RH tem expertise no mercado de recursos humanos, com amplo conhecimento na elaboração de projetos e pesquisas organizacionais para mensurar indicadores de equipes e remunerações.