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  • J Neville - Another must read book by legendary writer and astrologer, Suzanne White

    Suzanne White's guide to the 2016 Chinese year of the Monkey predicts an entertaining and sometimes outrageous year! Sounds like the Monkey will be up to some mischief... Well organized, and written in a style that is fun, frank, easy to read and engaging, this book contains a wealth of information about the Chinese and Western zodiac, in addition to intriguing astrological predictions for the year 2016.

  • Penny Herscher - Practical and a fun read

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Joann does a masterful job of weaving her life experience with the stories from her interviews with 52 senior female executives to bring advice to life for women coming up through the workforce. Practical, funny and sometimes shocking, this book will be useful for any young woman preparing herself to navigate the American business world.

  • Dlynn - Fair Weather Golfer

    After a 15 year hiatus from golf and not wanting to spend a fortune, I ordered this set so I could hit the links with my grandchildren. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the box. I figured they must have forgotten something because its was so light. The clubs feel good in hand and after a few bucket of balls have me eager to get on the fairway. I plan to carry this set for added exercise knowing it's light weight and comfortable strap will allow me to walk the links instead of riding!

  • mama - Compact and nice for travel

    Purchased this as a 2nd stroller for international travel. Love how it folds and opens very easy. The wheels could be improved to make for a less bumpy ride. I find the stroller very easy to tip over (with or without baby). A huge plus that made me choose this lightweight stroller over other brands/models is because the seat almost lays flat.

  • Vericka Naylor - Feeling Great!!!

    If you are not losing weight off of this stuff then you are not eating right or working out like it tells you to on the site I have used this product for a week have lost 5 lbs I worked out during that week by the second day of me taking it I feel a boost of energy and I'm not as hungry as I was before I started the site clearly states with moderate exercise and eating right you will see the results you want that I have lost more weight with this product than any other I have tried kudos to you guys and I don't feel bloated or have any stomach issues one thing to remember before bashing this product everyones body reacts differently to any weight loss product but you can't eat what you want not exercise and expect the weight to just go away you have to put in work and I'm not talking about the fork to mouth workout push back from that table this product works!!!!

  • Jenny Ardella - Practical ways, realistic thinking about your earning

    Anyone would aspire to have passive income. This is a great resource book to learn the methods of passive income. The overview of different business plans will provide you an idea how passive income can benefits you in so many ways and what will you need to do things right when you decided to get involved in this field. You will be guided through a well planned way so that you can make profit from online business. It is highly recommended for anyone who is eager about passive income.