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  • Zaki - Worked wonders for my Acne Prone/Scarred skin!

    Ive been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I see a HUGE improvement. I have had adult acne for a little over 15 years now. So I have scars all over my face- and my face still breaks out. I put this on at night before I go to bed- rub it just all over my face- and I am just amazed. I have been going to the dermatologist for years and years and nothing has ever helped me stop breaking out or to minimize the scarring. With this product (and just normal moisturizing in the morning) my face has had very few breakouts and my scarring has already diminished so much that Im starting to leave the house with very minimal makeup on. And I know you dont know me, but that is a HUGE deal to me bc I am so self conscious about my skin. So I highly recommend this product- it has worked wonders for me!

  • James Davison - Great fun and great learning tool.

    For someone who has never picked up a guitar and knows very little about playing a musical instrument this is a great way to learn. There are alot of things to do besides just picking strings to a song. There are alot of games, lessons, options more. I'm on day 6 and loose track of time when playing.

  • Amazon Customer - St.Ives, Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

    This product always makes my face feel smooth and clean. I was young when I tried this product and it helps you take out the oils in your face that gives you pimples. At least for me, it has done so and for while I couldn't find this product in stores any more. But I am glad I was able to find again at Amazon because I love this product and I think you will too.

  • Just Another Shopper - Does The Job

    I used this on my Samsung SyncMaster 2494 and it worked fine with the hardware provided. My only gripe would be with Samsung, as they should have included this with the monitor.

  • stacey dean - Great Product!

    Glad to know I don't have to replace my deck in my '06 to listen to my music on iTunes. This transmitter does what it's supposed to, but I still experience static and I wish there was a way to minimize that. The device is small and it looks nice. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product.

  • D. Hays - Fits well, prevents scraping and pilling the rear seat fabric.

    These floor mats fit well, and prevent scraping and pilling of the rear seat fabric. They work as advertised. Nice product.

  • MKH in NYC - This is an amazing and life-transforming book

    This is an amazing and life-transforming book. My 78-year old father--on 26 medications per day for diabetes, gout, hypertension, cholesterol, allergies, arthritis, etc. followed this plan and in 6 weeks went from 26 meds to 6 meds per day, his formerly out of control diabetes (with a blood glucose int he 300s-400s daily and an A1C of 10.0--and THIS on 75U of Lantus per day and 26U of Humulog--actually got back to normal numbers. He got down to the 100s eating a whole-food plant based diet and OFF insulin and on a very low dose of a diabetes drug. He got off the diuretic that was supposed to control his leg and feet swelling (and it wasn't)--and when he went off and started eating a whole food plant based diet, his swelling in his legs completely went away. His high triglycerides dropped ~75 points. His markers of inflammation lower dramatically. He lost 25 pounds and was never hungry and enjoyed the food. Smoothies every day and all the fruit he could eat as well as prepared whole foods. He did not stick to it, unfortunately for a variety of reasons--and now he is reversing back and his blood sugars are rising. He has gone BACK on the statin because his cholesterol jacked right back up once he returned to eating bacon and cheese. Now he feels like crap all the time again.