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  • Amazon Customer - Faulty Front Wheel Switches

    Very disappointed in the front wheel switches that allow the wheels to swivel. Both switches have broken in just 7 months. We did not even use the feature these switches offer which is locking the wheels so they do not swivel. A nice feature if you want to roll your baby back and forth while they sleep. BUT a real pain when the switch breaks and the wheels won't turn during a walk.

  • Sistertex - Okay, but nothing fancy.

    A little weak in the overall, but something to get you going if you have been putting this daunting task off. Nothing fancy, but then if you don't need 'fancy' this should work fine for you. Pretty easy to use. For somethings you will still need to seek legal advice.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice start!!!

    Prior is a plant without females. The planet is dying. It's males losing their minds because of there being no females to mate. So eath can allow them to find female to mate if they get them to let them come toearth an try. Jared is their warlord, he is to supervise the young males in their search. He never at over 400 yrs old even considered finding a mate. Stranger things have happened so maybe??? ENJOY!!!!

  • Amazon Shopper - Not good for portable PCs

    If you're thinking of running Office on a portable PC, stick with 2010. While you may think you're buying a full retail copy of 2013, they've changed the licensing such that if your computer dies (dropped, spilled water on it, just expires) and you have to get a replacement, you CANNOT install the same copy of Office onto it. You have to buy Office all over again. Even if you've got an accident/damage protection plan on your laptop/notebook, you'll still have to fork out $400 for the privilege of reinstalling software you already bought. Outrageous!

  • Mike Farrell - disappointed -missing parts

    I am sure the machine is a good one but we received the item with missing hardware kits. I have gone thru this website and cannot find who to contact to get them. So, it "appears" that I would be happy with the item if I could put it together. I am not so thrilled with Amazon for the inability to contact anyone for resolution.

  • Arlinda Johnson - arlinda's review

    I love this tea tree oil. it's great on hair and skin irritation. my best friend told me about it a few years ago.

  • Copper Cavalier - How to Prepare Properly for Best Results

    This is a wonderful product and one of the few supplements that has actually worked for me over the years.