Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Edina | Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Minneapolis - The Advanced Health and Vitality Center, located in Edina, MN treats a variety of age and hormone related conditions that include menopause, andropause,

  • Fibromyalgia Assessment | Advanced Health and Vitality - Fibromyalgia… It’s real. It hurts. It has real causes and real solutions. – Alyse Hamilton, MD Are you frustrated and discouraged by doctors that still

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  • Ole Woodsman - Works good for what it is and for the price. Your email inbox will clog with all their marketing, though.

    Nice interface to an enormous volume of current content. never went back after the first time, though. USB works smoothly first time wthout messing around. You have to register to get it going and Rabbit has sent 3-5emails EVERY DAY for MONTHS, even after unsubscribing, and every email says it is the last chance to subscribe for a lower rate!

  • H. O'Donnell - I bought the 30 day supply and with having fine and thin hair

    I bought the 30 day supply and with having fine and thin hair, that i conditon & trim regularly and never use hot appliances on, I was really hoping for results on regrowth and I just didn't see it unfortunately! I don't expect miracles to happen in 30 days but a slight change in the least. I guess I'm back to the drawing board and not willing to give up yet! Kudos to those that claimed it grew out inches in 1 month!

  • Steve - It sounds like it's worth a try

    I haven't used this yet but I will. It sounds like it's worth a try. I'd check the prices elsewhere first though.

  • Carol Dropla - Plastic on the bottom melted!!

    Love my nu wave and had for over 1 year until I noticed the plastic bottom is totally melted. Still works but I now can feel the heat. Will see how much longer it will last.

  • Jon Mitchell - Best FPS in the world

    I cannot believe this game is more fun that battlefield 4, but it is. I was not impressed by the beta, but the full game is absolutely amazing. Best FPS by miles.