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  • Gifford Hwa - When waiting for the symptoms to go away seems like an eternity...

    I had an ailment for months! Tried to use natural remedies that my exgf at the time suggested. Vitamins/Minerals, supplement this and that, ointment this and that. Yeah... fail. Tried this and it went away in a couple weeks. Subsequent flareups went away in two or three days. I still have a bottle of ACYCLOVIR just in case, but I doubt I will need it.

  • sheryrill - doesn't live up to the hype it was given

    does hold up to the hype it was given. hear too much static and not enough of the TV in a low volume. this was most definitely not worth the amount I spent for it. I wouldn't lie to my worst enemy to buy this product.

  • D. AVERY - Easy & Comprehensive

    We have investments and rental property that we track in QuickBooks Pro 2016. It makes it easy to import from existing bank accounts and easy to export to TurboTax when that time arrives every year. Comprehensive in that almost every business report that you need is just a few mouse clicks away.