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  • Ms. Eden - Delightful!

    I loved this amazing treasure trove of short stories for the wee ones. I often watch my sister's kids, and these cute and funny stories are each just the right length to hold the little one's attention. Some of the favorites so far have been Alligators Don't Skateboard, Furious Fred and Where the Silly Things Are. Considering many children's books only have one story for this price, getting 100 great stories is a real bargain. Great for not only read-aloud to the younger kids, the older ones will enjoy reading along. And the illustrations are plentiful and perfect. Five stars all around!

  • Cindhope - Great value

    Received my order very fast. Just as described, good quailty checkbook registers. I'm really pleased with the quality for the low price. I will be ordering these again in the near future.

  • GMAT Club (Expert) - Great Starter Book for a quick review but not enough for 700

    If you are new to the GMAT, Kaplan Premier is a great book to start with - it provides a good intro to the test (explains the mechanics, basic priciples, gets you familar with the test structure, etc), has solid strategies that you can use regardless of your level, and finally, comes with 6 Adaptive tests. Think of it a starter camera/computer/car/etc - you don't want to start with anything expensive before you know what you are looking for actually. On the flip side, this book will last you for 2-4 weeks and most likely will only boost your score with 50-100 points. If you want a greater increase (and have 3 months to study, look below)

  • BabyJordyn11 - Worthless charger!

    Worst product I've purchased ever! Slots 1, 2, and 4 don't work and trying to get a replacement from this company sucks! Their charger makes batteries overheat and their shipping time from date of order to date of delivery took 6 days. Not worth it!!!!

  • granny - Fantastic!!

    In the middle of the night the pain in my hands woke me up. I reached down in bed and put my hands on the top of my earthing half sheet and within a very short period of time the pain was gone.

  • Curmudgeon - Pretty small...has interesting possibilities

    I'm just giving it 3 stars after a couple of hours with it. I will probably up the star count in the future. (I have just upped the rating to 5 stars for the robot itself, but not the software...see added comments at end.) First, it is quite small, and a bit pricey. The dimensions given appear to be the shipping box dimensions. The robot itself is approximately 3.5 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Interaction requires that your android device be connected, and thus you are disconnected from other wifi apps. I've only found two Cozmo apps, but there will be more coming down the pipe. It is essentially a table top gadget.