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  • Amazon Customer - I have been buying these ornaments for my wife for ...

    I have been buying these ornaments for my wife for over ten years, and this is one of the nicest looking ones.

  • carelin - excelente!

    son iguales a la fotografia y me tardaron en llegar 20 dias a venezuela!! no tuve ningun problema durante la compra y el envio de este producto..

  • MrMojoRisin - Highly recommended

    I am convinced the bacteria in our mouth is a major cause of diabetes (and other diseases) if allowed to enter the bloodstream. I became diabetic a few months after having 4 cavities filled and I could never figure out why. I'm not overweight, it does not run in my family, and always ate fairly healthy. After much research I have undoubtedly concluded it was due to the dental work I had. Studying oral microbiology I learned oral bacteria have evolved mechanisms to sense their environment and evade or modify the host. Bacteria has one goal, to survive. Bacteria needs sugar to survive, it's what feeds it (btw it's not sugar that causes tooth decay, it's the acidic excrement from bacteria. Sugar simply feeds the bacteria which causes the bacteria to multiply rapidly and eventually tooth decay). Once this bacteria enters the blood stream it then has an avenue to wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Since it's goal is to survive, and with it's ability to modify the host (your body) it makes complete sense that it would create an environment most favorable for it to survive by attacking the pancreas in order to raise sugar levels in the host. But don't take my word for it, a study done in 2000 verifies the link between oral bacteria and systematic disease such as diabetes.

  • bookgirl - Changed our world

    I Love Lucy still brings me hours of delight and comfort. I remember so clearly the first time I saw the was a rerun of the Cuban Pete episode. I was about six years old in 1967. Lucy just made me so happy.