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  • Jimmy - Beast On The Market

    Magazine Recommends this software and it works wonderfull. Also the PC tune-up is a great addition to help keep your pc At Top performance.

  • Amazon Customer - Not worth your money

    I purchased this vacuum a little over two years ago. When I opened the box, there was a certificate inside announcing that my unit had a 10 year warranty instead of a 5 year. I thought, "Wow, these people are very confident about this product." However, I found that this product is cheaply built. Here is a list of all the parts I have replaced: the rotary upholstery cleaning head (Turbo Brush), the wand that is part of the vacuum handle, the motorized floor brush, the hose connected to the motorized floor brush, and now, the main motor on the vacuum will not turn on. I called Euro-Pro about the motor not turning on. They told me that I could send the unit in and wait for a month or longer to get it repaired (I would have to pay for shipping both ways), or for $69 I could get a replacement unit (I think that is $45 + shipping). Some warranty huh? The lesson here is, you get what you pay for. The suction is incredible at the hose, but it does not distribute well across the floor brush if you are not turning the brush on. However, for a vacuum that boasts a five to ten year warranty, it is a waste of plastic. The hoses are cheap and in particular, the short vacuum hose connected to the motorized floor brush eventually cracks apart resulting in heavy loss of suction.

  • Christine T - My kids love this vitamin

    I take this vitamin too because If I take vitamin for grownups, I have stomach problem but this product has no problem for me. And Amazon price is so good so I subscribed this item.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice unit. Few issues having problems doing mirror link ...

    Nice unit. Few issues having problems doing mirror link found videos online gonna try again tomorrow. When using the radio there is a big volume difference from 0 to 1 . Also slight interference or feedback but that could be a ground. Gonna keep working at it 👍