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  • Sonni Hamill - Tyme Iron Review

    I bought this iron so excited and spent a lot of money. This iron doesn't have an adjustable heat setting and every time has burnt the ends of my hair. It doesn't curl just by pulling your hair through quickly and by holding it while pulling through has really damaged my ends. A few people I know that have it, have the same problem and feel like they wasted a lot of money and hurt their hair. I currently and trying to get rid of mine. Extremely disappointed.

  • Idongesit Emah - Works like magic

    Many thanks to Amazon. I'm now wondering if I still have these mysterious cockroaches around in my kitchen and my cars because I don't see them around anymore for the past 1 month. These mysterious bugs seemed to be resistant to all insecticides known to me. The magic gel came in and it was as if a cat came into a house invaded by rats, all the rats disappear dead or alive. But I'm at the same time wondering why this gel doesn't kill ants. The dead roaches attract ants which I didn't bother myself initially thinking they will eventually die off too, but I later realized they don't. However, I don't consider it a big challenge as 1 good spray of insecticide kills all of them. I recommend it to anyone having these mysterious bugs in his car or home

  • IRingTwyce - Not the screaming deal it appears to be!

    I bought this for my (now) wife. Initially, it worked well. She was pleased with the results. However, I can't recommend this to anyone.

  • Wakow_Chollema - Complete Junk. The firewall are blocking things that it's ...

    Complete Junk. The firewall are blocking things that it's not supposed to even though the rules are set to allow access. It even blocked my printer, prevent any of my home network PC to see each other, stopped my team viewer and other services etc. All were set to allow access in the firewall rules. Once I disabled the firewall, then everything is back to normal. Do not buy this.