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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • C. Parton - SLOW

    We have purchased various LeapFrog products since 2000 and again it has disappointed. We keep thinking this time they will get it right is and it is just too optimistic a view for this company. This operating system is slow and frustrating. It takes forever for it to respond - open or close an app. Typing in registration was frustrating for me as the drop down menus wouldn't respond predictably. My 3 year old got tired of waiting for the apps to start and as soon as the screen filled with choices he would quickly push one and wait... and wait .....and wait and he opened a thrilling calculator app! Woo-hoo! I haven't purchased any apps as I am not sure I want to even keep this. Example of wait times: 105 seconds from touching power button until it was ready. 16 seconds from tapping account until screen appears. 11 seconds to launch the art app. 15 seconds to launch photo app. Another 105 seconds from when you push home button from within an app until the home screen appears again. Wait times do fluctuate I found, which makes it even more frustrating. These times were tested when the device was new and no extra apps were added. The apps included are:

  • Renona Montgomery - I really like it

    Nicely done! I am already up and moving. Found i don't need all the bells and whistles of some other trackers, although they are great products. I am a true beginner, health issues and gym shy. Moov Now is super for me, as it coaches and doesn't let me get away with bad form and partial reps (dang!). Like the feedback, but would rather have dedicated daily tractivities tracking instead of scrolling through the entire months.

  • Gerene Y. Keesler - A Big FAT help

    I was extremely skeptical with this product, but I admit the name hooked me. It tones, tightens, and gives you less giggle and wiggle. Plus there is no medicine smell. The best part is the cost. You won't break the bank getting rid of the jiggly stuff. You can't beat that.

  • Phillip Estrada - Dodge

    Item does not fit what they say that it does. Photos sent to dealear were denied being recivied even if I sent them six times so that the problem could be resolved. It does not fit a 2008 Dodge anyway shape or forme.

  • HBS Books - I always understood Kaspersky to be one of the best, but I removed it from my PC after ...

    I always understood Kaspersky to be one of the best, but I removed it from my PC after one day. Going online I could not access such websites as Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo email because of Security concerns!! Trying to get exceptions to work was next to impossible and when I clicked on their own links for help on Kaspersky's own website I was denied access there as well-- unbelievable. I suspect it's because I use Firefox as a web-browser so buyer beware. They may be a great company, just not for me.

  • Nicole Childers-Parks - Waterproof case

    This thing is AMAZING! I bought this for a few trips I went on this summer, and I'm so happy with it's performance. I was able to get clear pictures using my phone inside of this waterproof pouch in the ocean, in the pool, and in the river. I took this on a week long trip to the Dominican Republic and a float trip in Missouri, and my phone stayed dry the entire time. I could use my phone, take pics, and listen to music, all without ever taking my phone out of this pouch. Everyone keeps asking me where they can get one - and for the price, you can't beat it! I have been recommending this to all of my friends. And I love that I can fit my iPhone 6S Plus in this with a slim-fit case on it without even removing the case! This is definitely a winner in my book!