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  • Mary Frame - Requires a Bit of a Long Wait Time but Works Well

    I have really curly, frizzy hair that is hard to control and really demands the use of conditioner, but sometimes even after I condition, my hair feels dry and frizzy afterwards so I was hoping to try this deep conditioner and see if that worked better for making my hair stay softer for longer than using a typical cheap conditioner. This did seem to make my hair feel healthier between washes and I like that it didn't seem to affect my hair color since I dye my hair and certain shampoos and conditioners strip the color out but this one didn't which is nice. However it didn't seem to make my hair feel softer for longer like I had hoped and was about on par with my normal conditioner. It worked a bit better but since it is higher maintenance and more expensive I probably wouldn't use it for every wash but about once a month or so this would be nice to use. I really like the smell of this product since it isn't overbearing but is still pleasant and the smell definitely stayed on my hair after I rinsed it out. I wasn't a big fan of needing to keep this on my hair for 15-20 minutes since it meant I needed to get out of the shower, wait, and then get back in so it is a bit of a high maintenance product for me since I tend to be pretty efficient in the shower. Still though, I like this product well enough to use it occasionally since it does provide marginally better results than using my normal conditioner. I understand that when choosing among products it is important to vet the legitimacy of reviews. I received a sample of this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my full evaluation. I always make a concerted effort to fully articulate the positive and negative aspects of the products I receive and am not incentivized to leave a positive review.

  • Maggie - They Fired the First Shot

    All of the books written by A Friend of Medjugore are excellent. They are well written, informative and hit home because many of the information/facts in the book are things that I have seen happening for a period of time. I do not believe this book or any of the other books are based on any one individual's personal opinion but on facts and information that the author belive to be accurate and important for our society and salvation.

  • Jack's Dad - Best supplement facts label. Best front label.

    Five stars because of the list of vitamins, minerals and supplements on the back label. Spent considerable time comparing vitamin content. Reviews and comments took me to many different brands, however at the end of the day this vitamin supplement stood alone.

  • Ian C. - Maybe a bit of a fanboy, but...

    I will admit, after being a Gaga fan since her first album, I wasn't super-psyched after hearing "Perfect Illusion" for the first time. However, after listening to this entire album, I love all of it (literally, every last second).

  • Kathy G. Stallings - Excellent water raft!!!

    Well made. Mesh bottom lets water get on you and keeps you cool. Had a blast in it with the girls.