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  • Matthew Rhodes - Worth Reading

    Interesting book. Makes some sense to me as a scientist. Bought a pad at Definitely slept better the first few nights. Been sleeping grounded for about 2 months now. I still have some nights where I'm up 3-4 times, but overall I think I sleep better. Now at times I might sleep 3-4 hours straight instead of 1-2 hours. My health and energy levels seem to be improving. My stomach problems (heartburn, nausea, meals not staying down) have almost cleared up completely. Something a bunch of doctors hadn't accomplished in spite of a bunch of tests over the past 2-3 years. gives out paper copies of this book with orders, but I wanted to read it before buying. Worth a try for those with unsolved health issues. Even if it were a scam, I've spent more on useless tests & doctor visits.

  • Demetrius - I use this in my Shrimp Tank with no problems.

    Shrimp are more sensitive to chemicals than fish are and this is the only brand I trust. I use it between water changes to prevent and ammonia spikes and I have not lost a single shrimp. A little goes a long way.