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  • Oh boy. - trans-mom: “ transphobia isn’t an “opinion.” it’s blatant misinformation meant to harm a marginalized community. ”

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  • Amazon Customer - I've been counting down until I received this book and ...

    I've been counting down until I received this book and it exceeded my expectations! Delicious, fast, healthy recipes- what more can you ask for?! And the photography is gorgeous. Can't wait to meal plan!

  • Bill T. - Just What I needed

    I was afraid i would miss the some of the features og the full version, but niot yet, this adds alot to what I do.

  • Jackie - It's great for students that need a laptop for college

    Laptop is generally fast, light-weight, and has a long lasting battery life. It's great for students that need a laptop for college. I'm super satisfied with the price and quality.

  • kamille - Rip off! DO NOT BUY!

    Initially, I am torn between the results I experienced and the expense of the product/dishonesty of the customer service rep. that placed my order. I saw an infomercial one day stating that the Meaningful Beauty 90 day kit is now only $49.95! I instantly called the number to order. I still couldn't believe it was so inexpensive so I made sure that I verified with the woman I spoke to on the phone that it would just be $49.95 every 90 days and that's it! She confirmed. So I continued to give her my information and proceeded to order. A few days later, I received an email stating that my kit was on its way and that it was $149.85. I figured there was some sort of error and didn't pay any attention to it because my account was only charged $49.95, and believe me, I checked my account everyday to make sure they didn't take out any more money. Once I received my order, I opened the invoice and sure enough, the total price of the 90 day kit is indeed $149.85, split into 3 payments that are spread out every 4 weeks or so. This was not communicated to me on the phone on the day I placed my order. If it would have been, then I would not have ordered the product. I wish I would have read other reviews before I ordered because now that I have, I can see my issue is not so uncommon. However, unlike most of the other reviews, I had amazing results! After just two days of trying the system, the dryness and redness on the skin around my eyes (due to eczema) was totally gone. I also noticed more firmness in my skin and fine lines around my mouth and eyes also started to fade. It was almost worth it to just forget about the dishonesty of the woman that I dealt with when I ordered it and just pay the $49.95 installments every 4 weeks. But after I called the customer service number to let them know what happened and suggest they be more up front with their customers, I had to cancel my order for sure. The woman I spoke with kept telling me it was my error and my fault that I didn't understand the full price of the 90 day kit. She was rude but when I asked for a cancelation number, she had no problem giving it to me. However, I later discovered that this so called "cancelation number" is actually the last 9 digits of my account number that was listed on my invoice.

  • Robert S. Wright - Perfect for planning a trip

    I have been using AutoRoute to plan trips to Europe for years. In this version I was able to chart out a driving route in Germany that will allow me to hit up to 8 castles in a single day in the ODENWALD. Many of the castles are not even mentioned in guidebooks and are nearly impossible to find directions to on the internet (at least in English). This software will show you exactly where they are and helps you determine what roads you need to get there. A GPS is great for when you are there but you need to have an idea of where you are going before it can be useful. I also love the tie-in to bing maps. Once I find a location, I can jump to a satellite view in Bing maps to see what the terrain is like. Overall, great piece of software.

  • You Mean That Guy - Necessary book

    Clearly anyone buying this is not buying it for fun and laughs. A decent paperback version will serve you well, and you can bend it if you have to cram your bag/briefcase that day.