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  • W. Keith Crowder - accept no substitutes

    Upgraded from Autocad lt 2006 and was pleasantly surprised at the familiarity with the older program. One can jump right in and draft as one did before. There are also many upgrades to the program that you can take your time to learn and discover. Yes, there are cheaper programs out there, but, if you're serious about your drawings save your pennies and buy the original.

  • annette - Working great so far

    We've had this product for just over a month. I am using it on my toddler, who still has sparse spots that never quite grew in. We're working on growing her hair out in time for kdg. My husband and I have noticed a difference since we started using this product. I rub it directly onto her scalp and hair, every day. The downfall to this product is it's SUPER greasy!!! Moreso than anything I've ever used! Sometimes I'll use baby don't be bald on her scalp, and a different moisturizer actual hair to get the curls conditioned, because the bdbb is so overly greasy. If I use it before bedtime, I usually put a towel on her pillow to protect her pillowcase. Anyway, it could be our imagination, but it totally seems like this is working so far. Her hair looks thicker and fuller. We'll continue to use and I will update my review with future results, but so far, so good.

  • rw80227 - Very Disappointed

    Purchased this believing that it could actually convert blue-ray movies for viewing on my pc and handhelds. It won't play a blue-ray movie for starters, how pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that won't play back it's own compilations. As far as getting audio to work right forget it, you have no control choosing audio tracks. The fit to disk indicator bar value changes after you start burning a disk, so you don't know if the project will really fit on a disk or not. I did find a DAPlayer for free on the web that plays blue-ray movies. If you have NO need for blue-ray support this software is ok, but ArcSoft is way better. I wasted my money on this and as far as technical support goes I have never gotten a response as of yet. Do more shopping before you decide to buy this software!

  • Amazon Customer - If you saw this on shark tank it had a ...

    If you saw this on shark tank it had a smoothness to sound and pour that mine lacks. It is noisy when moving the handle to the different positions. It takes a few second after this noise for the beer to flow. It is very lightweigt.

  • Amazon Customer - i can say this is best book to use for preparation

    This book is well done compared to others i have seen. i can say this is best book to use for preparation. However my recommendation is that it need to be smaller for easy use and portable or can be a pocket. i mean it can handled easier everywhere i goes. This book is a bit bigger for now maybe half downsized will be great. Just my recommendation.

  • D. Young - An Excellent and Easy guide!

    Having tried every diet there is (almost!) I can say this is a very easy to follow plan - so simple really - I have been doing the plan for about a week now, 4 pounds lost, and I feel better - more energy!

  • M. F. Hampton - Breathing free

    I love it. I've used neti pots in the past. This took a little getting used to. I couldn't get the water to flow at first. I really had to press hard on the button, but it finally worked. Once that little hurdle was crossed, this thing works great! I can finally breathe freely.