🔴 Lipitor Lawsuit | Lipitor Type 2 Diabetes Lawsuit - Consider a Lipitor lawsuit if the medication caused you to develop diabetes, skeletal muscle side effects, or kidney or liver damage. Call 1-888 723-0074.

  • Lipitor Recall | Lipitor Type II Diabetes Recall - Despite no announcement of a Lipitor recall, Bernstein Liebhard LLP is eager to hear from those injured by the cholesterol drug. Call 1-888 723-0074.
  • Lipitor Diabetes | Lipitor And Type II Diabetes Lawsuit - If you have taken Lipitor and been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you maybe entitled to compensation. Get a free case review today 1-888-723-0074.
  • Pfizer Moves to Dismiss Lipitor Diabetes Claims From Texas Women - Pfizer Inc. filed a motion on October 3rd that seeks to dismiss Lipitor lawsuits filed by Texas plaintiffs who allege the company’s failure to warn.
  • Lancet Study Looks Into Reasons For Lipitor Diabetes Risk - A study published in the Lancet correlates weight gain and the risk for diabetes in individuals taking a drug similar to one involved in Lipitor lawsuits.
  • New Jersey Judge Dismisses Anti Trust Case Over Generic Lipitor - A Lipitor lawsuit filed by retailers and distribution companies who bought the Pfizer medication was dropped by a New Jersey judge on September 12th.
  • UK Doctor Takes New Stance On Lipitor After Suffering Side Effects - A deputy chairman of the British Medical Association speaks about the possible side effects of statin medications, amid hundreds of Lipitor lawsuit filings.
  • Lipitor Lawsuit Filings Go From 56 To 1000 In Five Months - The number of claims over Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering statin, has increased substantially over the past five months, a Reuters review indicates.

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  • MPharmS - Nice idea!

    This product is a basic formulation of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, These as supplement combination used to be prescribed on the NHS in the Uk but were taken off the recommended list because of poor evidence.

  • Dubois - Cured my periodontal disease

    My dentist told me I had periodontal disease, with quite a few 6mm or more pockets in my gums. She wanted me to undergo 'deep cleaning' aka root planing. The thought of that made me sick, not to mention the horrendous cost involved. I bought this water pik and I used it every morning for a year, and added anti-bacterial mouth wash to the water. My teeth feel really clean after every use, and I usually notice bits of food getting washed away that my toothbrush couldn't get. Anyway, a year later I went back for my dental check up and there was no sign of periodontal disease any more, my gum pockets were all within normal healthy readings. Seriously, I am not making this up, I just want to tell people what a con deep cleaning is and how good water piks are. Maybe, it wouldn't work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. It's got to be worth trying before submitting yourself to intensive gum laceration!

  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    Great product!! This product let me know that my battery was getting low before it died so I didn't end up stranded.

  • S334566 - I hope you like to waste money and time.

    My Girlfriend really wanted a Nest after seeing one online. I went on the website and used the tool to check if the nest was compatible and it said it was. I gave it to her for christmas and set it up. All was well then the nest started to display a question mark on the website and refused to update from changes made online. The nest connected fine and showed as connected but would not function as designed. After much experimenting I found my router doesn't work with nest. A little digging and I found very few routers work with nest. So I bought a new router.

  • Michael Ryan - It's very good.

    This monitor is definitely good. Everything I expected in terms of low input lag. Also the adjustable stand is the best I've ever had. Easy to adjust while still feeling sturdy. Really solid engineering.

  • Angela Borden - Surprised at the pain relief so far

    I have very very bad pain in my shoulders arms and collarbones almost on a daily basis. My husband has disk degenerative disease. So we both suffer from pain issues. I saw this on Amazon, and after reading thought I might give it a try. It shipped really fast and also arrived very quickly. Thankfully it came in today on an extremely bad pain day for me. I had taken ibuprofen with no relief at all. I decided to try using this on the arm that hurts, I figured that it could not hurt. Open opening the first thing that hit me was the smell of mint and a lemony scent. I no that spearmint is good for a localized pain reliever. Lemon grass oil has been known to be great for arthritis and muscular pain when applied to the painful area. So I already was happy with that. After reading the ingredients on the side I saw menthol which is a good pain remedy, and also chamomile, sandalwood, and juniper which are all great for pain relief. So I applied some, not a lot mind you, to the pained area and I was having relief in minutes. It did not stop completely, but there was a big difference in the margin of pain. I wad actually able to enjoy my evening with my kids and not be crippled by my pain and have to pop ibuprofen constantly. I will continue to use this and will update after a more prolonged use and update on my experience. I received this Hot cream by baebody in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Teri Anderson Buck - And what good is it if it is undecipherable

    I spent hours with Tech support just to get the program registered. I started with an OEM version that came with an SSD but it was worthless so I foolishly paid to get an upgrade to this. It wouldn't accept the Registration numbers given to me. They have a Byzantine 64 digit registration code. Bring your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, When the program refuses to accept the registration number you have been given, there is no clue what is wrong.