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  • Janna Larsen - Was wonderful. Now nasty aftertaste.

    When I first tried Zeal, I didn't like it. But after 3 tries, I was hooked. I've been having some 3 times a day. It makes me feel more energetic. I don't know if it's the Zeal, but since I've been drinking it, some pain I was having has bothered me a lot less. Who knows. But, I'm distraught. That last box I bought has newly designed labels. Who cares? Right? But, they have changed the recipe. This drink that I used to love and crave 3 times a day is now nasty. It doesn't taste at all the same. It used to be a pretty pink powder, now it's a dull yellow powder. It used to have the slightest sweetener aftertaste. But, now it's all nasty aftertaste from the first sip. It used to have a rich berry flavor. It now has a muddled berry/tropical flavor somewhere underneath all the nasty. I'm so sad to lose such a good friend. I'm actually in mourning over the loss of something that has meant so much to me. Shame on the people who make Zeal. Have you guys ever heard the "New Coke" story?

  • Kate - Watch your wallet! Use QB, but don't fall prey to Intuit's greed

    I've used Quickbooks Pro for over a decade and recently bought 2010 when I upgraded to Windows 7. Intuit wants money for everything. You literally have to pay for simple things that should be included, like basic payroll, even tech support for questions relating to the software you just paid for! Twice now I've bought a newer version of Quickbooks Pro (you have to re-buy the program every 3 years or so) and there was a problem with the software that was Intuit's fault. Both times, they have expected me to pay for fixing their problem!!

  • Ars Gratia Artis - If put off by cussing, nudity & sex, move along. However, if those don't disturb and if you like a little dark, try it.

    It's true, this isn't "The Firm" "Runaway Jury" "Primal Fear" or "Erin Brockovich". Goliath is not a movie. It's a TV series. Those four films are not much alike with the exception that they all have a legal action as part of the story they tell. Yes Goliath has the f-word; also the a-word, the b-word, the c-word, etc. etc. etc. Would my feelings be hurt if I didn't see Wm. Hurt in full frontal nudity? Not at all. If you want to make a comparison, Better Call Saul season 1 is a better one. Goliath is much darker but both tell the story of a lawyer who was driven from the law firm by a (I shudder to use the word) nemesis (in neither show is the enemy an agent of divine retribution for wrongdoing or hubris)Goliath has much less comic relief. Thornton as Karl in "Sling Blade" was a much better example of nemesis to Doyle (played by Dwight Yoakum) for his wickedness and hubris both. I liked that Goliath put Dwight and Billy Bob together again. Goliath caught my attention immediately with it's flawed and therefore more human characters. I had a hard time turning it off to do things I had to do. What storyline has not been told before? This one is told well. Good writing, good directing and stellar acting with the possible exception of Maria Bello, though a handsome woman, she always seems to phone it in. I just hope there's a season 2 in the offing.

  • Dogstargem - A steady read

    I have read all Wiehl's novels. I enjoyed them. This story is interesting and fun because I am familiar with the area. There is a lot of suspense and a pretty good tale. There are several things that I don't like. 1. Erica continues to blame her upbringing Sigh. 2. She is progressively neurotic,IMO 3. She lacks the same instincts regarding her daughter that she uses to pursue the news. 4. The author takes a cheap shot at Trump revealing her politics. Why? I think it was mean. Draw your own conclusions. It is a good read for the most part.

  • SherrieM - RELIEF AT LAST!!!!!

    Here I am - 30 days into my first Amberen regimen - and for the first time in years, life is really good. I was skeptical but hopeful going into this - having tried other remedies/treatments. My doctor talked me into going off HRT 2 years ago when I was still perimenopausal. OMG. I thought I was miserable then, but when I actually stopped having periods 18 months ago the symtoms really ramped up. I would have 10-15 hot flashes every day (and more at night), insomnia, vaginal dryness, lack of libido, in addition to an appetite I couldn't begin to control. I gained 20 pounds the first year after I stopped menstruating. My doctor gave me a list of supplements that "might" help. I went with a black cohosh product first because it was cheaper - no results after 90 days. Amberen was on the list with a totally different set of ingredients, so I gave it a shot. I took the single dose for 14 days (per instructions) and got some relief, but not enough to make me sure I wouldn't return the next 2 months worth. Then I doubled up as instructed and WOW! Almost immediately, my symptoms were gone. I still can sort of tell when I am "flashing", but no shedding of clothes or dripping sweat. I can sleep at night. The vaginal dryness is gone, as is the lack of libido. I have more energy and my husband says he feels like his wife is back - he claims I had some serious mood issues, but I didn't really think so. Huge plus - no more irresistible cravings! I have lost 4 pounds in the first 30 days without really trying. Why not 5 Stars? The expense. I'm taking the double dose, so we are talking almost $100 per month for the 3 month regimen. At this point, both my husband and I think it's worth it. I would definitely recommend giving Amberen a try.

  • Amazon Customer - Enjoying the TV.

    Love it, love it, love it! I purchased the TV at the end of July. Quality picture. The color is rich, but not overwhelming. Picture is crisp. The ability to adjust the picture to my liking (controls) is good. So far, I have not gotten the "motion blur" that a small group of persons have commented about within their reviews.