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  • Ellen - The Ninja is 100% better

    I have both the Yonanas and the Ninja. Last night I decided to try the Yonanas again. I found it noisy, hard to push the fruit down, took longer to clean than the Ninja and the taste? No comparison. I went back into the kitchen and put the "ice cream" I made in the Yonanas into the Ninja and redid it. WOW what a difference in taste and texture and so much easier to clean! Don't waste you money on this.

  • AKO California - Works, but have to get used to the clove smell

    I have a long haired cat so this didn't work as well as if she had short hair. There's only so much spraying she'd put up with until she wanted to get away. So I'd stop spraying, then massage it in as much as I could. I later ended up dunking a flea comb in a container of this, then combing through her hair. That was less stressful for her than spraying her. But was also difficult to get it all over and all the way to her skin. I had a soapy water container as well to wash the stuff off the comb after combing through her hair.

  • Amazon Customer - Tummy Tuck System Not Very Effective

    My expectations for this product were not high to begin with, but given that I have stubborn belly fat I was willing to try anything. As it turns out the product was ineffective - the tummy tuck belt would not stay in place - the cream that was supplied did not have any effect. In a word, I did not lose any fat. I would not recommend this product. Understand that the effectiveness varies so maybe someone else with different metabolism may find it to be useful - I did not.

  • Earroway - Works better than drugs for my seasonal allergies!

    I have had seasonal allergies for years and have been through many presription and OTC medications. Still, the symptoms would presist and often result in sinus and bronchial infections, at which point I'd get to add antibiotics to my list of drugs. Not a great solution.