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    My favourite volleyball so far. Great impact on the ball when hitting, and travels well. I highly recommend this ball

  • M. Kroeger - Great cycling computer...

    Great cycling computer... Nice compact size with still very readable screens... Ties in easily to speed/cadence & heart rate monitors, Bluetooths easily to my S7Edge, automatically uploads, great stats for analysis, very good notification features...

  • mchinca - Love the smell!

    Bought this for my niece and it smells really nice (vanilla smell) but not at all overpowering. My brother usually does my niece's hair and he said it makes a difference with tangles and you can see how much healthier her hair looks.

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    This program interested me not because of the JAP on TV, but because I really needed help, or thought I did. If you have any degree of logical thought, and can discipline yourself to do what is right for the child, then you do not need this program. It is for people who never learned the differences between right & wrong, and never had to pay any consequences themselves, therefore they cannot communicate with their children about right & wrong or consequences. If you have any common sense, you do not need this. It was a waste of money.

  • Sergio Fiorarancio - Best wireless mouse EVER

    Awesome wireless mouse! Wireless performance is PERFECT. It even worked with my cellphone right next to it. Only gripe was the battery didn't properly charge so I had to exchange it. After exchange, PERFECTO! 👌