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  • S Winkler - Must Buy

    When I first tried this product it was given to me as a gift from a friend who vacationed in the Caribbean. Thankfully I was able to find it on Amazon and I continue to use it on a yearly basis during flu season. This works better than Vicks Vapor rub on both children and adults. Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment is the BEST!!

  • Crystal - Don't hesitate to purchase this bike!

    I was a little reluctant to purchase this bike because of the lack of reviews. I did anyway, since I couldn't find any negative reviews anywhere on the internet. Bike arrived in excellent shape, contrary to many stories I have read about damaged boxes and product.

  • KasumaResort - Good Product

    Received the aquaglide multisport 270 here in East Malaysia within 3 days of shipping.However, I had to wait for 5 weeks before the order was fulfilled. Product is well made,excellent value for the money.And oh, extremely pretty to boot Having said that,my reservation is that the keel and rudder is a bit of a pain in the neck to install.The best solution is to inflate it partially so that it is easier to insert and to inflate it fully thereafter. The proviso is that when fully inflated it looks dangerously like the hull is going to tear with all that pressure as you can never get the keel and rudder to fit exactly into the slot if it fully inflated in the first place.As for the sailing or windsurfing its just.........GREAT!!!

  • Taos Turner - Exceptionally Well Researched. Good For Business Leaders

    Good To Great is an exceptionally well researched book. The author, Boulder, Colorado-based Jim Collins, and his team of researchers have made this book into a powerhouse documentary of why some businesses excel towards greatness and while others stagnate.

  • Amazon Customer - Sad to see them go.!

    I absolutely LOVED this series. Im so happy everyone got their happy ending. Im especially happy for Ra and Tesh. Their story was so cute 💜.