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  • Lori - This is my second G lite. I take it ...

    This is my second G lite. I take it through the subway 2ce a day and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

  • Lexee Tigger - Good, intriguing story!

    I really enjoyed this story! Hayley and Luke are good characters and they both drew me in from the beginning. The rest of the characters were well written as well. The plot was engaging and once I started reading, I had to find out what was going to happen next. Hayley and Luke have had a thing for each other since they were young. Neither knew the other one felt that way until Hayley graduated high school, ready to leave town, and Luke was back from college on a trip to visit family. They get together that night but neither expresses their full feelings for each other. Fast forward years later and they are both back in town after tragedy has hit the town. Hayley wasn't aware when she came back what had happened in the town and to the Barton family but she is quickly drawn back to Luke and is determined to figure out the truth. They both start digging and things go from there.

  • Melvazord - Movies Lie

    Do not be fooled by this product. I bought this along with four terrapins and a rat (since I couldnt lay my hands on a warthog and a rhino). I rubbed this product into my skin and gums then rolled around with the terrapins and the rat.

  • kick - Don't Buy Ambrotose

    I've been taking Mannatech supplements daily since the mid 1990s and assure you after also consuming Ambrotose for nearly 10 years that it is a complete and total waste of money. I wasted thousands of dollars learning the hard way not to take it any more. If you want a Mannatech product that actually helps you stay well try ManAloe together with Plus. I still take these two every day.

  • Emily - I honestly think this Selfie ring light is perfect. It is the perfect fit for any phone ...

    How can I start with this light review. I honestly think this Selfie ring light is perfect. It is the perfect fit for any phone with the selfie camera in the corners or even in the middle. according to the details and info it fits any iPhone 6 plus/6s/6/5s/5/4s/4/, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid and Other Smart Phones & Tablets, What I love about this selfie ring light is that the actual light isn't dimmed its actually a really high quality Led light. I also love that it clips on to the phone making it hard to fall off right away. It enhance light to photos and videos. The awesome feature on this Selfie ring light, by pressing the power button, you can select from 3 different levels of brightness. It is battery operated and no batteries are not included. I honestly recommend it if you want to enhance your photos and videos, if your a beauty blogger or influencer this will hell and enhance the colors of the makeup you use with clarity! have fun and enjoy!

  • K. Roberts - Great Resource

    This was a great resource in planning the details of my trip in October. There is a lot of helpful information on where to order tickets for tourist attractions including website to pre-order. Also included was the location of restrooms at popular tourist attractions, which in Europe can be hard to find.