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  • Sandy - Intense Flavor, Works Well

    I found the taste of this honey to be almost medicinal, but so were the effects. I had had the honey around for a couple of weeks when I came down with a sore throat and decided to take the honey for a test drive, so to speak. I used the honey 3 times in one day (1 tsp each time)...and the next morning I felt 100% back to normal. Would I have recovered that fast anyway from whatever was causing the sore throat? I don't know, but I do know that I went from feeling bad to feeling normal overnight. I am a big fan of Manuka honey now.

  • delump - got my chain back in order

    Definitely like the precision and consistency this gives the grinding job. After several file sharpenings my angles were way off. Back in alignment and they are cutting very well now.

  • Amazon Customer - This jersey exceeded our expectations. It is made by ...

    This jersey exceeded our expectations. It is made by Adidas and it was very reasonably priced. My son loves it!

  • WenX - Super tasty vitamins

    I'm absolutely in love with these gummies. The biggest factor in me continuing to take a chewable multi vitamin is how good they taste. They are made with natural flavors and colors. This tabs have 5000 mcg Pure Biotin (90 gummies, 3 month supply) and there is additional 90 gummies for B complex vitamins and I am super pleased. The biotin vitamin is strawberry flavored and you can tell that it is a vitamin because it tastes like candy. The vitamin b complex is flavored like orange and they taste like candy too. They both have the direction of taking two a day. They also have 90 gummies in each one and if you take it as directed you would have 45 servings per bottle. I have been taking them and I like them. They did not upset my stomach and I did not have any bad side effects. I highly recommend this since these tabs are made in USA with no chemical or artificial ingredients.

  • Scouser - Ideal For People Having Problems Sleeping

    I Just sat throught this Film and can say for Sure, I won't EVER watch it again.. Awful does'nt come close to rate this Rubbish. Most exciting thing about this movie is the DVD Cover..The story plot was no point, The acting from Woman with cut on her back (Who thankfully Died) was so wooden I wanted to slap her, and Tell her to go back to acting School....